Ysani Playthrough

In Which Ysani Does Crafting and Fights Dragons

Like you do, if you’re the Dragonborn. This is a double session post! Come for the in-depth smithing, stay for the hard fights with Revered Dragons! And a side helping of paragon portal loot running through the Forgotten Vale.

Play covered here is for Monday night and Tuesday night of this week. (I didn’t play last night.)


  • Play dates: 4/4-4/5/2022
  • Session numbers in this run: 70-71

Monday’s play

  • Picked up again at Whiterun, and decided to head up to Heljarchen to try to do smithing
  • And it took me FOUR FRIGGING TIMES because a Revered Dragon kept showing up; fourth time through finally killed it w/ storm atronachs + shooting at it with Nightingale bow + Jordis + Gregor
  • Then got in some goddamn smithing! Improved, among other things, Dragonbane and the Blades armor; also Volendrung, but not by much
  • Also made various random bits of armor and weapons out of the materials I had
  • Boinged from there to Windstad
  • Dropped off vampire armor, Chillrend, and Nightingale Blade, since dragonbone sword and Dragonbane are now my best blades
  • Picked up Ancient Shrouded armor for improving once I get some more leather
  • Boinged to Solitude and sold a bunch of stuff to Gulum-Ei
  • Boinged from here to Lakeview
  • HA! The vampire armor duplicated! Lolololol so now I have a second set
  • Did a little alchemy here to try to burn through some more ingredients

Tuesday’s play

  • Boinged from Lakeview to Forgotten Vale
  • Jumped from first Wayshrine over to Shrine of Resolution, then hoofed it to the paragon portal
  • Hit all five portals and got Auriel’s Shield and the last Unknown Book
  • Boinged from Forgotten Vale to mage college
  • REVERED DRAGON! I heard dremora dialogue during the battle, and also, Arniel actually helped me fight the dragon, thank you, Arniel
  • Slept the night in Arch-Mage’s Quarters
  • Sold Tolfdir one of the loot scrolls I’d picked up
  • Got five rounds Destruction training from Faralda
  • Boinged from college to Heljarchen and picked up a bunch of building materials
  • Left the paragons in a display case, let’s see if they stay there (my money’s on no)
  • Boinged to Lakeview to see if I could build any more shrines in that cellar; nope
  • Boinged from there to Whiterun and bought Adrianne out of building materials so I could sell her the quality loot I got off the dragon (including daedric greatsword)
  • Parked in Breezehome, where Argis informed me he’s gonna open a store
  • Saved for the night


As you all can see, not a great deal of note in these two sessions, which is why I strung them together into one post. But I can say a few things nonetheless.

One: definitely, while fighting the Revered Dragon tier of dragons, I’m feeling the harder difficulty level now. And I’m still not entirely confident fighting a higher-tier dragon with this character. Which definitely suggests I’m not quite prepared to go round one with Alduin yet.

Two: it still amuses the fuck out of me that the armor mannequins in the built houses can actually duplicate armor you put onto them. 😀 This time it did it to the armor I swiped off of Harkon!

I’d take more advantage of this by spawning extra copies of my armor for cash, except for how boy howdy do I not really need the extra crash. Regularly hovering around 60,000 gold now, and have so many gems that I’ve taken to stashing them in the safes in my cellars. And sorting by color with different colors in different safes!

And when you have enough gems that you can put 40-50 gems of each type in different safes, then yes, you are swimming in gems.

Three: during the fight with the Revered Dragon at the mage college, I heard by now familiar dremora lines. Except I hadn’t actually summoned my dremora for this fight! Then I remembered that unbound dremora I’d summoned for the Conjuration ritual quest never actually goes away until he’s killed. So he was still up there on top of the Hall of Countenance! And he kept yelling at the dragon as I was fighting it. I’ll have to see if I can arrange to have the next dragon I fight at the college land on top of the hall again, just so I can run up there and see about the unbound dremora getting into combat with it.

Also, I was strangely moved to see Arniel actually jump into the fight with the dragon! Finally! Somebody at the college actually helping me out with dragon fights! Thank you, Arniel. <3 And now I’m kind of disinclined to finish out his side quest. Between him showing up for Ysani’s wedding and helping out with dragon fighting, I don’t actually want him to evaporate!

Language commentary

No immediately interesting terms noted in these two sessions, we’ll see what happens next time?

Next time

Realized I completely forgot to give the Unknown Books to Urag at the mage college, so I’ll need to swing back and take care of that.

Then I think I’ll see about that Book of Love quest!


No screenshots this time.

Editing to add

  • 11/21/2023: Added play date and session number markers.

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