Kendis Playthrough,  Skyrim

In Which Kendis Restores a Festival and Recovers a Drum

Bards College catchup! I restored the Burning of King Olaf Festival, and then went off to fetch the first of the instruments needed for Kendis to get all the skill bumps from the teachers there.

Play by play

  • Play date: 1/18/2023
  • Session number in this run: 22
  • Picked up where I left off at the Winking Skeever
  • Tried to leave for Halldir’s Cairn only to realize whoop, no, I hadn’t actually reported back in at the Bards College yet
  • So went back into the city (fortunately hadn’t gotten far past the gates) and reported in to Viarmo
  • Did the “fill in the missing bits of the verse” thing
  • Went over for Viarmo to recite it to Elisif at the Blue Palace
  • Festival is back on!
  • Went to go tell Jorn to make with the effigy setup
  • And since it was already dark, was able to go straight to the festival (they organized this thing fast, clearly)
  • Hurray I’m a bard
  • Derped around a bit longer finding the three professors to get the quests to get the instruments
  • Had to wait until next day to find Giraud for the drum quest, then finally set out for Halldir’s Cairn
  • Passed Imperial trio with prisoner, noble on horse + escort, and I think at least one mercenary
  • Avoided Robbers Gorge
  • Stopped at Goldenhills to pick up profits
  • Finally arrived at Halldir’s Cairn after derping around a little to find the right way in
  • Took brief nap on the bedrolls still at the bandit camp so I could get back to “refreshed” status
  • Then ran the place; cleared it with no issues, got the drum
  • Triggered the bug with Halldir’s staff being duplicated though
  • Got out through the trap door without breaking my neck, thank you Become Ethereal
  • Rode over to Falkreath and sold a bunch of stuff to Solaf and Lod
  • Bought a bunch of iron
  • Rode over to Lakeview to do a bunch more building in the bedroom wing and in the cellar
  • Stopped there for the night


Not too much to say about this since the Bards College is familiar territory. But I wanted to go ahead and get this post off my queue! I have several sessions backlogged that need posts up. 🙂

This was perhaps the fastest I got to the point of doing the Festival, though, just because it was already pretty late in the day once Viarmo presented the verse. So I was able to go straight to Jorn to get him to fetch the effigy. So clearly, the bards were ready to do this on a moment’s notice as soon as Elisif changed her mind!

Halldir’s Cairn gave me another opportunity to practice what I definitely need to keep in mind with Kendis: taking advantage of any available bedrolls to take a nap before I run a dungeon. Or if no bedrolls are available, make a camp outside!

(I can kind of envision Lydia begging her thane to consider the camp option, if nothing else so they don’t have to sleep next to dead bandits. Particularly any dead bandits that were already dead when they arrived!)

Next time

I want to continue the sweep through the Rift. I’ll hit Ivarstead on the way and see about getting Temba’s bearskins quest, then hit Riften. About time I hunted down Wujeeta, I think, to see about getting the thaneship of the Rift underway.

That should set me up nicely to get Honeyside, I think? I have close to enough gold for that now.

I may or may not be able to hit Cragslane Cavern in the same session. We’ll see how time permits, because things move slower in Survival Mode!


No screenshots this time.

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