Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

In Which Gyllerah Becomes a Champion and Gets a House

Another multi-session post, covering a lot of event action in Northern Elsweyr, but also a milestone for Gyllerah: I hit level 50. Which means I’m now in the Champion leveling system, and accumulating Champion points!

Also, I finally nabbed the house called Cliffshade, which is located in Greenshade. So now I have that to play with!

Play by play

  • Play dates: 1/28-1/31/2023
  • Session numbers in this run: 110-113

Saturday the 28th

  • Writs had not reset yet, so boinged back to Northern Elsweyr for more event action
  • Went to Rimmen and found Nisuzi, the contact for daily delve quests
  • Picked up a quest to go smear blood on altars to Hircine, which required me to go to Predator Mesa
  • On the way, talked to a Bosmer who wanted me to go speak with his employer, a ranch owner, about problems with poachers
  • Made it to Predator Mesa and found a shirtless buff Khajiit, Sarazi, who challenged me to a contest; he gave me a head start to go in there and kill some dangerous hunters and a dangerous gryphon
  • So I had the local delve quest as well as the altars one to run, and that was pretty fun
  • Also took out the main delve boss, who happened to be one of the hunters I had to take down, too
  • Got back out of the delve and resolved the quest with Sarazi
  • I think it was at this point, while looking for the ranch, that I came across the tail end of a dragon battle again; this time I got to it too late, the dragon was already dead when I arrived
  • Then returned to the ranch plot, Preserving the Prowl
  • Went to speak with Numaia who asked me to go destroy poacher camps for her, and recover a training whistle used for a monkey
  • Did that, fighting several poachers as I did so
  • Returned to the ranch to find they’d been attacked and several animals taken
  • Numaia asked her Bosmer employee Elhalem to accompany me to recover them
  • She also gave me the training whistle and the monkey, which I had to use to get into the poachers’ main encampment
  • Freed all the animals with Elhalem’s and the monkey’s help, then returned to the ranch to report in and resolve the quest
  • Returned to Rimmen, harvesting ingredients on the way
  • Cut through Ashen Scar and killed a few undead there
  • (Kind of alarming to see Khajiit skeletons, since they have tails! But of course they do)
  • Reported back to my contact and got the reward for doing the quest; nice assortment of loot 😀
  • Boinged back to Alinor for inventory management
  • Made a couple of small Khajiit-style items for Moonmirth House, including a rug and a bowl and a pot, so now that house has at least a few more things in it
  • Logged out from there for the night

Sunday the 29th

  • Picked up at Moonmirth and boinged to Alinor from there
  • Ran writs
  • Made a few additional furniture items once I found some Khajiit-themed recipes in the guild bank
  • Boinged to Rimmen for another round of Northern Elsweyr action
  • Bought the inn room there while I was at it
  • This time got a daily quest to go hit the delve called Desert Wind Caverns
  • My goal was to recover three ancient scrolls
  • Did not kill the delve boss this time, just killed a bunch of Euraxian hostiles
  • Got the scrolls
  • Got a skyshard which gave me another skill point; threw it to Clothing so I could unlock Iron Hide and Ironthread
  • Returned to Rimmen to report in; got the quest reward and event reward as well
  • Stopped there for the night

Monday the 30th

  • Picked up in Rimmen
  • Dropped a desk and a stool I’d made in that inn room
  • Did another round of daily Northern Elsweyr stuff for the event
  • This time was sent to the delve Tomb of the Serpents
  • Goal for this quest: dispel magic on four relics
  • In addition to the daily delve quest, also picked up the local delve quest
  • Talked to an orc who pointed me at a strange Khajiit near the delve entrance
  • Got her quest to recover three Akaviri artifacts for a “spirit” who she apparently wanted to live in everybody’s heads? o.O
  • Got a skyshard and another skill point off that
  • Did not find the delve boss but it was a pretty hostile-heavy dungeon so didn’t go hunting for said boss
  • Returned to Nisuzi to conclude the quest
  • Leveled up to 50 fuck yeah Champion status achieved \0/
  • Dropped assorted skill points to raise Blacksmithing and Clothing and Enchanting, and raise the tier of things I can make
  • Investigated Rimmen a bit to check on layout of crafting area for purposes of writs, but I found it a little bit more complex than what I wanted to deal with right then
  • Boinged back to Alinor to get writs there
  • Was able to run most of them but didn’t have enough Void Cloth for the clothing writ
  • Did additional derping around Northern Elsweyr to try to fill surveys and also hunt for void blooms
  • Filled an alchemy survey and an enchanter survey near Desert Wind Caverns
  • Boinged down to Tenmar Temple Wayshrine to fulfill a jewelry survey, and that was all silver this time, not a mix of silver and copper
  • Went to the southern portion of the Stitches to look for a treasure locale
  • Also came in on the very tail end of a dragon battle and again, got in just enough hits to do damage and get in on the loot

Tuesday the 31st

  • Ran writs in Alinor
  • Didn’t have all the materials I needed so boinged off to do a couple of surveys
  • Hit Reaper’s March for a clothier survey near the farm I’d hit before
  • Hit Malabal Tor for a blacksmithing survey I had not hit before
  • That required me to battle nearby worm cultists and gosh I wonder if they’re main plot relevant? Will have to find out later!
  • Boinged back to Alinor to finish the writs
  • Also worked a bit on Champion tier armor now that i’m starting to accumulate Champion points
  • Bought the Cliffshade house in Greenshade with some of my remaining crowns balance
  • Moved all of my crafting stations out of the inn room in Alinor into the side nook on Cliffshade’s lower floor; also finally placed the provisioning station that Amy gave me
  • Made a banner and a rug to put there and will have to think about additional furnishings I want in the place
  • Saved there for the night

Running Predator Mesa

Predator Mesa was a fun delve, and I appreciated getting in there with not only the daily quest assigned by Nisuzi, but the local quest as well that I picked up from Sarazi. If I can stack quests like that hitting a delve, it makes it feel more worth the time to me.

Plus, Sarazi was kind of hilarious, and upholding the whole ESO pattern I’ve seen so far of Khajiit NPCs often being the most awesome characters.

It was convenient that Sarazi’s quest, to take out three dangerous hunters as well as a dangerous gryphon, wanted me to take out the delve boss in particular. It saved me the trouble to have to hunt around the delve for him, because I could just follow the quest marker.

He was a good hard fight, though, and I wasn’t able to take him out until another player came along to help.

It was after running this delve, I think, that I ran into the tail end of another dragon battle again as I noted above. So far I’m finding it difficult to actually properly find dragon battles in Northern Elsweyr. I know to look for the dragon moving on the map, but so far I’ve had trouble actually finding the dragon and getting to it fast enough to actually participate in the fight. I’ll need to see if there are better tricks to this to reach the dragons faster.

Preserving the Prowl quest

This was a fun one. I liked the Bosmer NPC Elhalem who gave me the quest to begin with, and I liked the ranch owner Numaia. I particularly found it interesting that she, a Khajiit ranch owner, clearly had strong affection for the main animal she wanted me to rescue, a white senche-lion. Which says all sorts of interesting things here about Khajiit attitudes towards wild cats!

And, very satisfying to run around and destroy poacher camps. The trained monkey to get into hard to reach spots and to get hard to reach objects was a nice touch, too.

Running Desert Wind Caverns

What struck me about this one was the various “Euraxian” hostiles that populated the place. Pretty sure they’re tied in with the main Northern Elsweyr plot? I expect I’ll find out more once I run that, eventually.

Buying Sugar Bowl Suite

I bought the Sugar Bowl Suite inn room in Rimmen, just for the sake of convenience and popping in and out of the place, as long as I’m running the Northern Elsweyr event.

This now makes a total of four inn rooms I have, in addition to two houses (more on this below). I have inn rooms in Alinor, Skywatch, Vulkhel Guard, and now also Rimmen. They aren’t very well furnished, though, and I feel like I ought to try to get at least some basic furnishing into all of them? Just because it feels weird to pop in and out of empty rooms.

I do like the easy access into Rimmen, though. Which I’m starting to like as a city to visit!

Running Tomb of the Serpents

This was another one where I got to stack the daily delve quest (The Serpent’s Stampede) with the local quest (Strange Messengers). And this delve was decently challenging to run. Particularly the part with the minotaurs. :O

But Kiseravi, the Khajiit who gave me the Strange Messengers quest, actually creeped me out a little! I was rather disquieted by her talk of a “spirit” who would eventually “live in everyone’s minds”. This has “Daedric Prince” written all over it.

Regardless, running this delve let me hit a major milestone: level 50!

So now I’m a Champion? Yay!

Returning to Nisuzi and resolving the Serpent’s Stampede quest let me hit Champion status, fuck yeah! So now I’ve started accumulating Champion points.

I’m not savvy yet on how the Champion bar works, but I have at least started dropping points on things. And if I can accumulate up to 3600 points, I expect this’ll take me a while? As of this post, I have 13 of them.

Buying Cliffshade

And last but not least, I dropped some of my remaining crowns balance on buying Cliffshade.

I picked this house just because I kinda liked the interior layout of it, and also, it’s in Dominion territory but not on Summerset. I feel like Gyllerah’s kinda done with Summerset, and is out of patience with most of Altmer society.

Also, I explicitly got it unfurnished. Part of this was to save on crowns, since I am still considering getting some DLC content. But I also will at least play a little with furnishing the place. I feel like it’s appropriate for Gyllerah as a character to have a mix of elven and Khajiit styles in her living spaces, and I’d like to at least try to furnish a house once just to see if I like it.

So I’ll work on that for a bit. And like I said above about the inn rooms, I kinda want to drop at least some basic furnishings in all of those, too. I feel weird having living spaces that don’t at least have a little furniture in them.

Here’s all the living spaces I have now:

  • Houses: Cliffshade, Moonmirth House
  • Inn rooms: Golden Gryphon Garret, Mara’s Kiss Inn Room, Sugar Bowl Suite
  • Apartments: Barbed Hook Private Room

Next time

At least until the Northern Elsweyr event ends, I’ll probably focus on that? Once it’s done I’ll probably swing back around to all the other pending quest lines I’m poking at. Not sure which one I’ll hit first!


Editing to add

  • 11/25/2023: Restored missing gallery.

As Angela Highland, Angela is the writer of the Rebels of Adalonia epic fantasy series with Carina Press. As Angela Korra'ti, she writes the Free Court of Seattle urban fantasy series. She's also an amateur musician and devoted fan of Newfoundland and Quebecois traditional music.


  • Erin Schram

    Encountering M’aiq the Liar at least once in each of the Alliance zones and Coldharbour earns an achievement, https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:I_Like_M%27aiq, rewarded with an achievement color called Liar’s Linen.

    Across from Cliffshade are two houses, Earrastell’s House and Laurosse’s House. The out-of-town entrance to the Marbruck Outlaw’s Refuge is behind Laurosse’s House, but you can see that on the map. Not on the map is that the cliff behind the houses has a mysterious niche and a mysterious cave. A Bosmer named Nilding (https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Nilding) is playing hide-and-seek in the niche. The cave leads to a portal to Fargrave, a DLC zone related to the Blackwood chapter (https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Fargrave).

    For furnishing Cliffshade, feel free to study the furniture patterns in the Swamp Haven guild bank. We put patterns our characters already know in there to share. Trade guilds sell the patterns, too. I mailed Gyllerah some basic furniture.

    You said, “What struck me about this one was the various “Euraxian” hostiles that populated the place. Pretty sure they’re tied in with the main Northern Elsweyr plot? I expect I’ll find out more once I run that, eventually.” Yes, they are the main plot. Euraxia Tharn, Abnur Tharn’s half-sister, is trying to conquer Northern Elsweyr. Abnur does not like her. She currently rules Rimmen; fortunately, that does not affect the protagonist except during the related quests to liberate Rimmen.

    • Angela Korra'ti

      Thanks very much for the housewarming items! I particularly liked the hanging lantern and the huge carpet. The carpet’s gone in on Cliffshade’s main floor and the lantern is now in the room with my crafting stations. I am definitely going to have to find more of those lanterns, Cliffshade needs more lighting! But thank you for sending all that stuff.

      And heh, way ahead of you on grabbing furniture things out of the guild bank. I’ve yoinked a lot of those already. 😉

      I knew about the achievement for finding M’aiq, I think? I’m just surprised it’s taken me this long to spot him!