Gyllerah Playthrough

Screenshot of Gyllerah from the login screen of ESO. She is an Altmer with auburn hair in short braids and hazel eyes, and she is wearing the Wolfcrown of Solitude, blue and gold armor, and a greatsword on her back.
Playthrough Info
Game Elder Scrolls Online
Race High Elf
Class Templar
Playthrough Dates September 2022, in progress
Platform Steam Deck, macOS

This is the page for my first Elder Scrolls Online playthrough, for the character Gyllerah of the High Elves.

I began this playthrough in September 2022, not long after acquiring my Steam Deck. Gyllerah’s playthrough alternates between the Steam Deck and my M1 Mac, depending on what I’m feeling like playing on at any given time.

Gyllerah is also my first official High Elf alt (Luciriel in my Skyrim Together playthrough kinda doesn’t count, even though she existed first, since I’m not doing actual story or RP with her), and named after an elf character created in the backstory history for my Rebels of Adalonia series.

Gyllerah’s Backstory

What I know about Gyllerah prior to her starting in Balfiera is this:

She came from a minor diplomatic family stationed in Elsweyr, just high up enough the Altmer social ladder that she had a pretty good idea of how to function in diplomatic capacities, though she was arguably not really upper-class/noble herself. I retconned this in to help explain Gyllerah’s affinity for Khajiit, since my housemate Paul, with whom I’m frequently playing ESO, runs a Khajiit as his main.

It is possible that Gyllerah started exhibiting inborn abilities that would have guided her to joining an order of Stendarr. However, she never got the chance–because she became a victim of the Soulburst.

This rattled her memories around fairly significantly. Her memories of her childhood and adolescence are dim at best, though she managed to retain some functional skills, enough to let her defend herself when she dropped into the cells in Balfiera.

Her perceptions of the flow of time–and perhaps even her place in time–are disrupted. This is my headcanon for how I can play things entirely out of chronological order in ESO! For example, how I can run the entire Summerset plot, meet and befriend Razum’dar, and then see Raz much later on Khenarthi’s Roost and he doesn’t know me at all.

As I’ve proceeded through play, and in particular with ESO’s Main Quest, I’m using that as the headcanon to explain Gyllerah growing more stable in her place in the flow of time–since I, as a player, am trying to be more conscious of playing things closer to a canon chronological order.

Playthrough Posts

Here are all the posts about Gyllerah’s playthrough! These are dynamically updated, so a new post should appear here when it goes up. They’re listed in descending date order, so the newest posts should always appear first. Also, note the pagination controls after the first five posts. You can page through to see the older ones.

  • In Which Gyllerah Vanquishes Molag Bal - 06/17/2023
    In which Gyllerah hunts a few remaining Veiled Heritance leaders; aids an Argonian alchemist; helps defeat the Dreadsail pirates in High Isle; quests into Death's Valor Keep; is inducted into the Undaunted; helps the Fighters and Mages Guild in their attack on Coldharbour; confronts Molag Bal and regains her soul; and takes Meridia up on her offer to experience the other Alliances to broaden her view of the world.
  • In Which Gyllerah Quests All Over Coldharbour - 06/04/2023
    In which Gyllerah quests through group dungeons in Tamriel and delves in Coldharbour; repels a Daedra invasion at Moonhenge; helps the Falinesti Faithful threatened by Wood Orcs; saves soul-shriven village leaders in the Village of the Lost, and also helps a Khajiit priest of Meridia close tears in Oblivion there; and helps Argonians in Coldharbour with their dying Hist tree.
  • In Which Gyllerah Has Another Reset - 05/29/2023
    In which Gyllerah's player nukes her OTHER build on her Armory Station, forcing yet another reset; and in which her guild comes through to save her and help her set up for recovery from this disaster in the future! Also contains a writeup of my current Healer build.
  • In Which Gyllerah Has an Accidental Reset - 05/24/2023
    In which Gyllerah's player accidentally breaks her Default build in her Armory station: a cautionary tale!
  • In Which Gyllerah Saves Western Skyrim - 05/18/2023
    In which Gyllerah liberates enthralled Nords at a tavern in Coldharbour; frees the captured Fennorian from Blackreach; seeks a lost instrument for the Bards College; helps a young woman discover the truth about her disgraced ancestor; and joins forces with Lyris, Fennorian, and Princess Svana to bring down Svana's father and save Solitude from a massive harrowstorm.


Gyllerah’s screenshot galleries can be found on the Gyllerah Screenshots page.