• Alarrah Playthrough

    In Which the Dragonborn Defeats Alduin

    This is not my last Skyrim post—this is only the one in which I finish the main plot, and there is still the DLC stuff to play through, for Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Plus, chances of a second playthrough are high, as there’s still a lot of stuff in the game I haven’t done yet, just because I didn’t feel like those quests quite fit with this character as I played her.

    But this is the one in which Alarrah does defeat the World-Eater, Alduin, and as such it’s definitely a milestone!

    Details and screencaps behind the fold!

  • Alarrah Playthrough

    In Which the Dragonborn Takes on Alduin, Round One

    This was a big crunchy run too, not just for length of play time yesterday, but also for big significant plot points that got carried out. And big significant bugs that interfered with my ability to do that, even though I did finally make it through the buggy parts!

    Skyrim is a ten year old game at this point, but I know of at least one player now playing it on the Switch who hadn’t ever played it before. So for the sake of hiding major game plot points, I’m putting everything behind the fold.

  • Alarrah Playthrough

    In which Alarrah the Dragonborn’s Player is Seriously Not Amused

    Twitter thread from 5/12/2021, in which Alarrah and Lydia make it to the end of Ustengrav, go to Riverwood to find out what happened to the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, and then journey with Delphine to kill the dragon Sahloknir at Kynesgrove.


    This post was written on 3/17/2022, but is backdated to the time of the tweet thread for organizational purposes.