• Faanshi Playthrough

    In Which Faanshi Joins the Bards College

    Busy session! This one was all about running Dead Men’s Respite and bringing King Olaf’s verse back to the Bard’s College, and accomplishing the first of the “go get an instrument” quests. With a side helping of starting the museum quest in Dawnstar, taking out a bandit chief at Broken Helm Hollow, and coming to the attention of Brynjolf in Riften!

  • Merawen Playthrough

    In Which Merawen Learns Who Took the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

    This was another very eventful session, with a lot of bouncing around between various locations, and some moving along of the main plot as well. Main-plot-wise, I’m to the point of having the Thalmor Embassy as the next major thing to do. Side-plot-wise, I got Dawnbreaker! And spent enough time in Whiterun that it felt a lot like an Alarrah session, really.

    Which just goes to show that I need to get back to the Thieves Guild. Muahaha.