Kendeshel Playthrough,  Skyrim

In Which Kendeshel Journeys to Skyrim, Again

This is take two of Kendeshel’s starting session in my Legacy of the Dragonborn Skyrim playthrough. As I previously posted, I had to start over because I found annoying mod breakage that I didn’t want to put up with! Action is almost the same as in my previous starting session, minus stopping in Dragon Bridge, plus a bit more exploration in Helgen given that this playthrough also includes Alternate Start.

Play by play

  • Play date: 9/7-9/8/2023
  • Session numbers in this run: 1-2

Thursday the 7th

  • Restarted playthrough because of mod breakage 😛
  • Redid Kendeshel’s character generation
  • Once again arrived in Solitude as the incoming relic hunter for the museum
  • Reported to Dragonborn Gallery, did tour with Auryen, and got initial instructions

Friday the 8th

  • Went out into Solitude and spotted new NPC Jerrin again
  • Spotted another new NPC near the Winking Skeever, who the wiki confirms is named Malakai
  • Went in to talk to Corpulus; got his rumor about Imperial troops near Helgen
  • Also got bandit bounty, this time pointing at Broken Oar Grotto, holding that for later
  • Went to the stables and bought the Wild Horses map
  • Once more marked Frost River and the Altar of Z’en for the map
  • I think it was here that I saw the random encounter of the two Alik’r warriors hassling the Redguard woman and mistaking her identity
  • Got Meeko again and salvaged stuff out of his dead master’s hut
  • Found and tamed the Dappled Brown Wild Horse
  • Returned to Katla’s Farm and registered my horse, this time named Heidrun
  • Blew 500 gold to bypass doing the whole Convenient Horses quest for setup
  • Went back out to the carriage and paid him to take me to Whiterun, even though I just got a horse
  • Arrived in Whiterun, cue the conversation between Uthgerd and Skulvar re: Cicero
  • Went in to explore the city and see about selling stuff
  • Cue convo between Adrienne and Idolaf about making steel for the Legion; noted Idolaf had an Imperial cloak on
  • Couldn’t find Hulda so didn’t do a rumor; it was too early for her to be about, I think?
  • Waited until Belethor’s shop opened up and then sold him stuff to get up over 500 gold
  • Also went into Arcadia’s shop and asked permission to use her table, then made a few potions and sold a couple of them to her
  • Came back outside and hired Jenassa!
  • Then headed out to Riverwood and Helgen
  • Spotted the hunter that hangs out near Helgen, trying to hunt a passing fox
  • Went in to start investigating the place and recovering things to sell, including the bottles of mead with juniper berries!
  • Went to see if I could get out through the keep and the tunnels like you usually do; answer: no
  • Was able to go partway in
  • Found a bunch of both Stormcloaks and Imperials except they were all dead; looted a bunch of them and also grabbed a lot of stuff in general, including the Executioner’s Doll
  • Spot where you usually find a bridge to lower was blocked off, and no sign of a lever or a bridge; it was already blocked with rubble
  • So trudged all the way back outside, got Heidrun the horse, and put a few things into her saddlebags
  • Headed over to the cave and went in to find Hadvar; got him healed up and we got going to Riverwood
  • This time his lines rendered correctly at the Guardian Stones
  • Got alpha wolf + 2 extra wolves again, but also got other hostiles across the river
  • Ran over there to check it out and found a vampire fledgling, but didn’t find the other hostile, presumably another vampire?
  • Hadvar got ahead of me, so fast traveled after him to Riverwood
  • Late at that point so took a room at the Sleeping Giant
  • Spotted an unfamiliar Dunmer NPC in there, who was looking for help for something, but I apparently didn’t meet the necessary level requirements yet because I got no prompts to do anything with him
  • Got up the next morning and went into Alvor and Sigrid’s house to do the “please go to Whiterun” scene
  • Headed back out and sold a bunch of stuff to the Riverwood trader
  • Got the quest to fetch the Golden Claw and let Camilla guide me to the bridge
  • Headed back to Whiterun
  • I think it was here that I ran into the mead revelers on the road between Whiterun and Riverwood; got the Charmed Necklace since I had Honningbrew Mead from Alvor!
  • Dropped assorted soldier gear into the museum delivery box by the carriage
  • Headed on back into the city go to Dragonsreach and talk to the Jarl; played through to getting the quest to go to Bleak Falls Barrow
  • Headed back out again with Jenassa and Meeko to do that
  • Changed strategy this time, though: rode on Heidrun past Anise’s Cabin (discovering Anise’s Cabin for the map)
  • (Sweet old lady says I don’t have to bother myself with her, so I see no reason not to take her at her word, LOL)
  • Set up camp at the corundum vein that I always mine coming out of Bleak Falls Barrow
  • Just to vary it up a bit, set the build campfire UI to the “Realistic” option which takes more work to get a fire going
  • Slept in my bedroll, got up the next morning, and told Meeko to wait at the camp
  • Set out with Jenassa for Bleak Falls Barrow
  • Came up the back way to the bandit tower; this let me hit the two iron ore veins there on the way up
  • Took out the bandits with Jenassa
  • Got a bit turned around though and overshot the path leading to Bleak Falls Barrow proper; this is what I get for coming in from a different route!
  • Got back on the right route, tried to sneak up to the front of the temple, but the bandits spotted us so GAME ON
  • Took out exterior bandits, then went in to run the place
  • Tried to take it easy on the looting of stuff this time, which was helpful for getting past the swinging blades traps
  • Remembered to practice sprinting getting through those traps
  • Tried to collect samples of the various draugr weapons for museum purposes
  • Started finding Fate cards again
  • Got a green cloak off one of the bandits and a blue bandanna out of one of the chests, so put those on to round out my outfit a bit
  • Grabbed several linen wraps with the expectation of needing to use those for campfire fuel
  • Made it to the boss chamber and worked the dig site there; got more fragments this time, a keystone, and some pyrite
  • Got the word off the Word Wall
  • Took out boss draugr; got dragonstone and boss loot
  • Got out of the barrow and returned to my campsite
  • Slept and then packed up in the morning
  • Rode over to Riverwood and gave Lucan back the claw
  • Bought a fur backpack off of him even though it’s only a 50 point boost to carry weight, just to have a different backpack look
  • Got a couple of spells from him, Clairvoyance and Frostbite
  • Headed back to Whiterun
  • Dropped a good bit of the weapon and armor loot into the museum shipment crates at the stables
  • Practiced with the spell activated in the settings to send a bunch of my inventory to storage at the museum
  • Went in to return the Dragonstone, and spotted the Alik’r warriors at the gate
  • Sold stuff at Warmaiden’s to get down under carry weight
  • Headed up to Dragonsreach and turned in the Dragonstone
  • Cue Irileth showing up and OHNOEZ there is a dragon
  • Got Jarl’s order to go help Irileth fight the dragon, and headed out to do that
  • Reached the watchtower and started up the dragon attack
  • Since I’d grabbed the Sparks spellbook in Helgen Keep, I started throwing lightning at Mirmulnir when he was in range, and switched off to the bow when I ran out of magicka
  • We eventually took him down, and holy shit! I’m Dragonborn!
  • Also, “DOH-VA-KIIN!” “New Dragonborn, who dis?” “THE GREYBEARDS. Get up here, we want a word.”
  • Reentered the city and told Meeks to follow me again
  • Reported back to Dragonsreach, cue the boggling of the Jarl’s court
  • Got advised to get my ass up to High Hrothgar; also got my ass thaned!
  • Talked to Proventus as the scene ended to get the Bow of Shadows er uh Bow of Obfuscation quest queued up
  • Jenassa, you’ve been a trooper, and earned yourself the right to take it easy, go drink a bunch of mead and tell everybody in the Bannered Mare how you helped the Dragonborn kick a dragon’s ass mmkay?
  • Went to the inn and took a room again
  • Got up the next morning and sold Arcadia my dragon bits; also nabbed the business ledger
  • Hit the Hall of the Dead and got Andurs his amulet again, and also read the skeever note in there
  • Hit the stables and searched the dead stablehand; got directive to go hit Silent Moons Camp
  • Rode on over there and parked horse a bit out of the way
  • Bandits got hostile when Lyds and I got in range so GAME ON; Lyds and Meeko and I went at them
  • Got a little nervous about the bandit mage throwing frost spells around, thought for sure she was going to kill the doggo, but he survived the fight! YAY
  • Cleared all the exterior bandits
  • Got the ebony arrows in the target, the pile of iron ingots, and the assassin’s journal on the table
  • Also opened copies of Nightingales: Fact or Fiction, and Invocation of Azura, which triggered prompts to follow their respective subjects; I declined
  • Got all the loot at the Lunar Forge and read both of the Smithing books
  • Came back out again and looted a couple of the dead bandits
  • Also killed a wolf that came running up the stairs, surprisingly bold wolf, wut?
  • Jumped down into the open ruined tower to get at that trap door
  • Got the ring out of the strongbox
  • Looted the dead guy’s journal and got the quest off of that as before
  • This time through though also realized there was a dig site right inside the room; dug at that to get more fragments, and bumped up my archaeology skill to three
  • Also had an achievement fire off specifically related to Legacy, brought in by the Curator’s Companion, when i finished up the initial quest by finding that ring
  • Looted the rest of the room for what I wanted to make off with, and got out again
  • Looted remaining outside bandits
  • Found Heidrun over by the silver ore veins and mined those
  • Mounted up and boinged back to Whiterun
  • Dropped a bunch of sample gear into the museum shipment boxes right by Breezehome
  • Sold the rest of the bandit loot
  • Headed up to Dragonsreach to take out the assassin, which triggered my level up to 5
  • Got the bow and other loot off the guy
  • Got Proventus to pay me his reward
  • Sorry about interrupting your dinner with your daughter there, sir, I’ll be on my way now
  • Bought a few more spells from Farengar: Candlelight, Fast Healing, Conjure Familiar, Healing Hands, Oakflesh
  • Returned to Solitude again to check in at the museum (and oh neat I can fast travel straight to the gallery)
  • Found stuff in the shipment containers and sent that through the prep station, which took my display count up to 49
  • Moved around checking out various areas trying to see what all got displayed where
  • Found Auryen again, and he gave me a new quest to go check out Telvanni Hybrid Armor in AHO–capitalized like that specifically, so that’ll be interesting to see when I get a hook into that
  • He also found me later and just handed me an artifact, LOL: Skull Crusher the mace, specifically
  • Sorted more stuff on me, experimented with the Craftloot system (and learned it’s off on purpose)
  • Saved in the Safehouse for the night
  • Level ups achieved:
    • Level 2, Stamina bump, first perk in Light Armor
    • Level 3, Health bump, first perk in One-handed Weapons
    • Level 4, Magicka bump, first perk in Archery
    • Level 5, Stamina bump, Novice perk in Conjuration

Starting over

So yeah, as I wrote in Needing to redo Kendeshel’s starting session, I found breaking mod issues with the mod I was using to give Kendeshel her nifty hairstyle. So I had to rejigger my load order to fix that problem, and I also took the opportunity to pull in The Curator’s Companion and a few other mods it wants to work properly.

And I consider this a replay of sessions 1 and 2, rather than sessions 3 and 4. The screenshots for this will be filed accordingly.

For the do-over of her starting session, I tried to hold as closely as possible to what I’d played through the first time. But I did do a few things differently this time!

First of all, I skipped stopping in Dragon Bridge this time because I knew that Peladius would kick my ass.

Second, I did get Meeko again, but this time I explicitly arranged to keep him the hell out of Bleak Falls Barrow. I think I’ll try to establish a rhythm of making Meeks guard a camp before I head into a dangerous ruin! That way maybe I can keep the doggo actually alive, long enough to see about adopting a kid and letting the kid claim him.

Third, I did more exploration of Helgen this time, just to see what all changed with Alternate Start. More on this below.

Fourth, I also used what I learned about the lead in Silent Moons Camp the last time to avoid the interior bandits at that locale, so I had to visit the place only once. So that saved me some time. More on this below too.

Heading out from Solitude

While prepping to head out from Solitude, I also noted a few new things.

The rumor I got from Corpulus about Imperial Legion troops massing at Helgen, like the lines Hadvar has in the cave, was explicitly not voiced. So again, good thing I had subtitles on so I could catch that line. I saw poking around on Nexus that patches for this are available. In a future playthrough, I’ll need to research which of these patches have the best-sounding voiced lines.

This time, even before I made it to Whiterun for the first time and launched In My Time of Need, I had the random encounter of the two Alik’r warriors hassling a Redguard woman in their search for Saadia. Given that my character is a half-Redguard who essentially turned her back on her Redguard family, I can’t imagine she was pleased about witnessing that.

(This also means, I think, that Kendeshel is going to need to side with Saadia when I get there. Which means in turn that I better be damn well prepared to take down half a dozen Alik’r warriors before I head into Swindler’s Den.)

Registering the newly tamed Dappled Brown Wild Horse gave me the name Heidrun this time. Which I like better than Rigmor! And when I look that up, I see it’s a Norse mythology reference about a female goat, so I proclaim this horse a mare.

After paying to register the horse, getting the Wild Horses map, and bypassing the Convenient Horses setup, I did not have enough left over for horse armor. But I’m not sure I need it, given that the Wild Horses are all marked Essential anyway. And Convenient Horses visually overrides the armor anyway, at least with its default settings.

I’ll need to poke at this further and see whether it’s worth it to put armor on a Wild Horse anyway. For that matter, I also need to see if Convenient Horses talks to the unicorn! Because I never picked up the unicorn before Harrow’s run imploded, so I have yet to actually try that.

Speaking of getting a horse, it was kind of LOL to have to go pay the carriage driver to take me to Whiterun even though I had a perfectly good horse right there. But I learned from Kendeshel’s first run that yeah, trying to navigate through the upper half of the map as a level 1 character is less than advisable. So I was disinclined to try to ride all the way there.

Hell, Auryen even gives you a strong hint about this, when he tells you during his ten septim tour that starting in the south for the relic leads he gives you is probably the best idea!

So for narrative purposes, I shall assume that Kendeshel engaged the driver partly for safety (traveling with somebody else in an unfamiliar land), and partly for having him as a guide. I could see her offering to let him use her new horse for backup in case his horse got tired pulling the carriage.

More exploring in Helgen this time

This time through, approaching Helgen, I noticed that hunter I’ve seen before hanging out nearby. And it occurred to me to wonder if that hunter actually witnessed the dragon attack from afar! Which had to have blown his mind.

I mean, there you are, just minding your own business trying to hunt fox and rabbit and deer in the woods. Maybe you’re a hunter from Helgen and just trying to help feed the place. And a fucking dragon swoops down out of nowhere and torches the town!

I could see that driving the poor guy into hiding out hardcore in the woods, from panic about witnessing Alduin, and maybe also survivor’s guilt if he lost anybody in Helgen. I kinda wanna give the guy a care package of freshly caught fish or something. And encourage him to consider moving to Riverwood!

I remembered reading at some point that you can in fact find bottles of the mead with juniper berries that Ralof reminisces about on the cart. I did not, however, know where in Helgen they were. So this time through, I took a little more time to thoroughly search the place and to see if I could find them.

It was very, very weird to go through Helgen while it was still actively on fire in spots, but without the urgency of Alduin attacking, or having to follow Hadvar or Ralof out. And again, I came in with the idea that Kendeshel was partly looking for survivors, and partly, out of pure pragmatism, looking for anything she could salvage.

I did find the mead with juniper berries, once I tried the jump out of the tower over onto the second floor of the inn!

This time through, I also tried to see how far I could get by following the usual route out through the keep and into the tunnels. Pretty far actually, far enough in that I was able to grab a bunch of equipment and potions and such, as well as things to sell as salvage. While doing this, I noted that all the usual NPCs you see in a vanilla Helgen sequence were outright dead, Stormcloaks and Imperials alike, even the torturer in the torture room.

So I wound up nabbing some Stormcloak and Imperial gear, thinking ahead to how I could send that stuff off to the museum. But of course I also got loaded down pretty quick.

Found I could not get into the caves very far. There’s a spot where you usually have a bridge to lower, but in this run, that was blocked off by rubble. So I had to turn around and trudge all the way back out into the town.

I think the path to the bridge being blocked off makes sense? That rubble usually falls just after you go over that bridge yourself. So I guess Alternate Start just assumes it happens a little earlier, when Hadvar and Ralof went through there.

When I got my horse and went around to the cave to go back in and get Hadvar, I tried to pay closer attention to the look of the place. I think, but am not quite sure, that it’s a new cell put in by Alternate Start? It looked different than what I’m used to coming out of the caves in a non-modded run–but then, I could easily chalk that up to it just being weird seeing it from the opposite direction.

Another thing: the vibe I got running this time was that as with an unmodded game, Alternate Start seems to expect you to help either Hadvar or Ralof, since you see two quest markers when you go in there. But given that the Adventurer’s Journal explicitly mentioned that they’d set aside their differences and worked together to get survivors out, I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t actually help both of them. I feel like that’d make more narrative sense in this alternate version of events. And it’d be kind of nice to think about Hadvar and Ralof actually continuing their temporary truce at least long enough for them to both get out of the caves, even if they would have to meet again on the battlefield later.

Kendeshel, of course, has no horse in the civil war race, at least certainly not at this point of her playthrough. So I’d think it’d be reasonable for her to want to help both of them. I guess I can assume that Ralof got mauled by the bear further back in the caves, or something!

Stranger at the Sleeping Giant Inn

I’ve barely started in on this playthrough, but I’m already tickled by seeing unfamiliar faces in multiple locations. I’ve started going “ooh who’s that” every time I see somebody I don’t recognize!

Like, say, the Dunmer I spotted hanging out in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. I stopped to talk to him, and he announced that he needed the help of somebody extremely powerful. I got no immediate prompt to do anything else with him, so clearly I am not yet extremely powerful enough. 😀

I don’t know yet whether he’s brought in as part of the Moon and Star mod, or Project AHO. I’ll have to follow up with that guy later.

Heading back to Whiterun

Heh, getting into Riverwood after Hadvar meant I got a delay in doing the scene in Alvor and Sigrid’s house! So I guess I can chalk this up narrative wise to Kendeshel maybe getting a message at the inn about how the blacksmith wants to see her at his house in the morning. And maybe Alvor and Sigrid made Hadvar keel over and get some sleep as soon as he showed up.

On the road between Riverwood and Whiterun, I found the mead revelers. And since I did actually have Honningbrew Mead on me from Alvor’s offered supplies, I stopped to chat with those guys! And got the Charmed Necklace with +25 to Carry Weight. Yes please, I’ll have some!

And once I got to Whiterun, I took immediate advantage of the museum delivery crates by the carriage to drop off all the soldier gear I hauled out of Helgen. I figure Kendeshel was all “Well, this isn’t the urns that Auryen asked for, but hell, that gigantic armory he has set up is pretty frigging empty, so now at least he’ll have some samples of armor from the locals.”

Sidebar to this: I am clearly going to have to consider what chucking stuff at the museum is going to do for my strategy of when to sell stuff to merchants, and when to smelt stuff down for usable ingots and such. This playthrough does include Ars Metallica, so I can do that. I can even do this at the museum, since the Safehouse has all the useful craft stations!

Keeping Meeko alive

I still felt pretty sad about losing Meeko in the first version of this start. And I also still felt like getting Meeko was a good thing to do! So this time through, I tried to see what I could do about keeping him alive longer.

Taking him into Bleak Falls Barrow was clearly a bad idea, with not one but two swinging blades traps to deal with. But the Campfire mod gave me a way to handle this: making a camp and leaving the horse and the dog there.

I shall assume for narrative’s sake that Kendeshel maybe picked Camilla’s brains enough to have a rough idea of where making a good camp would be, since Camilla seemed to be a fount of useful information! Because of course, where I wanted the camp was right down the hill from where you emerge from running the place.

Maybe Camilla found that cave exit when she was a kid. I like that, actually. Give her one up on either Hadvar or Ralof. ;D

So I plunked my Campfire tent down near that corundum vein, and left both Heidrun and Meeko there. Convenient for both carrying purposes (because I was of course overloaded by the time I got out), and for keeping the dog alive!

Bleak Falls Barrow

Last couple of times I’ve run Bleak Falls Barrow, with Elessir and Finds, I caught myself looking down from that initial tower and remembering I’d previously hit those iron veins down there before. But I had legit forgotten the circumstances of when and how.

This time, when I came over from the campsite I set up, I rediscovered how to get to those iron veins. There are steps leading up to them! And I’m pretty sure I must have done those at least once, in an earlier playthrough. I’m glad I rediscovered them, if nothing else because an initial supply of iron ore is useful.

I worked on collecting a lot of the draugr weapons, just because I was pretty sure that would be useful for museum purposes. Because even only after a few sessions, my usual mindset of “grab all the things so I can sell them” has shifted to “grab all the things so I can send them to the museum for display”.

LOL. I think this probably is indicative of Kendeshel’s long standing rift with her Redguard kin, especially the ones who unjustly accused her of necromancy. Because she’s all “I don’t want to raise the dead. I just want to take their stuff. For science! I mean, they’re not actually using it.”

Also, without having to worry about Meeko, I had more space to actually take down hostiles myself and get better level progression. I still had Jenassa backing me up, which meant I didn’t get quite as far levels-wise as I do on a solo Bleak Falls run, but I still picked up a few levels doing this run.

I appreciated the opportunity to round out my outfit a bit with the green cloak and the blue bandanna–though I saw that the bandanna didn’t exactly clip well with the hairdo Kendeshel is currently wearing. I should try her with a circlet instead.

(Also, side thought: are bandannas enchantable? Are the gold earrings I started with in my inventory also enchantable? This requires testing!)

Back to Dragonsreach

This time, when I got back to Dragonsreach to turn in the Dragonstone, I actually listened to the entirety of Farenger’s and Delphine’s conversation, just because I couldn’t remember if I’d done so. And I was curious to see where it would go.

Answer: Farengar actually turned and noticed me and started talking to me anyway, cool. And I was able to note that there wasn’t anything really critical in his discussion with Delphine. It’s a nice little bit of background discussion to be sure, but you don’t miss anything by preemptively talking to Farengar before he’s done talking to Delphine.

When I got to Irileth’s arrival and warning that a dragon had been sighted, I started seeing odd positioning behavior with her as well as the guard who showed up to deliver his report. They kept turning at odd angles, not looking at the Jarl directly as they were speaking.

I’m given to understand that dogs in general in Skyrim have a bigger hitbox than you would expect, given their size. I don’t know for sure if this was causing what I was seeing, but that certainly seems plausible. Not to mention an explanation for why I keep getting shoved out the way when Barbas is following me, too. I’ve started seeing that behavior with Meeko, as well.

And I explicitly had Meeko wait by Warmaiden’s when we went out to fight the dragon. Just because I didn’t want my new dog getting fried by dragonfire.

Silent Moons Camp

First item of interest here was that I found Wintersun’s changes to certain books, if they’re about the various Daedric Princes: i.e., letting those books throw you a prompt to follow their subjects, if you are so inclined. Nightingales: Fact or Fiction? gave me a prompt to follow Nocturnal, and Invocation of Azura threw me one about Azura, as you would expect.

I declined both of them, just because at least at this moment in time, I don’t feel like Kendeshel is terribly inclined to want to be a Daedra worshipper. She probably makes a specific point of avoiding it, just because of likely having been accused unjustly of it by some of her more hostile family members.

Next, once I got into that room under the trap door and activated a torch, I remembered that the other entrance into that room is a door, not a gate. Which meant that the bandits on the other side never actually saw us, LOL.

Now, you’d think perhaps that they would have heard us! That trap door can’t have been terribly quiet. But nope, looted the place freely with none of the bandits on the other side of that door the wiser.

Back at the museum, and more learning about how LotD works

Spent more time just learning about the museum’s layout and the functionality of its various important stations. First thing I learned was that there is, in fact, a fast travel marker for the museum on the map. So that’s super convenient.

Second thing: saw that what cloaks I had collected so far apparently did not count for display purposes? At least according to the prep station, maybe I have to place those manually somewhere? I did find a cloaks closet in my quarters in the Safehouse, but so far I haven’t found anywhere that seems to want to actively display various cloaks. (Though I have noticed that the Shroud of the Grey Fox does seem to have a special place in the museum, so maybe unique cloaks can be displayed, more on this in my next post.)

Third thing: Auryen, while I was wandering around the museum, came up to me and just handed me an artifact. LOLOLOL. Said I could either put it on display or use it as I saw fit. So apparently I can expect Curator Guy to just periodically hand me nifty stuff? Awesome.

The item in question was Skull Crusher, the mace, which I’ve last seen as part of the armory in Ashfall’s Tear on Solstheim, in Ghosts of the Tribunal. So going to be interesting to see what happens with that armory once I finally make it to Solstheim to run that plot.

I experimented with the Craftloot system, but kept seeing an error about Craftloot being disabled by The Curator’s Companion. I’ve done a bit of research since then, and I see that this is apparently on purpose, because of the risk of fucking up a save by the sheer volume of stuff that Craftloot can move around if you’re not careful. And as someone who had a playthrough implode, I can’t really argue with that logic.

So while I didn’t know that yet as of when I played this post’s sessions, I know that now. So I’ve since doublechecked that that option is off. No reason for me to have it on if TCC means I can’t use it.

The LotD Discord told me about a storage spell the mod has. So I turned this on in the settings, because magically being able to get at my storage space at the museum seems super frigging helpful. Definitely highly relevant to my chronically overloaded interests. 😀

Maybe I can assume that since my backstory for Kendeshel includes the Arcane University and Gwylin, she learned a trick or two about how to magically access a distant space? Hell, this is a culture that has historically had mages that could teleport people from place to place. I don’t think teleportation of things is an unreasonable extension of that.

Also took some time getting to know the LotD Checklist options in the MCM, because the Discord also answered a question I had for them about how to see listings of stuff you already have on display in the museum.

Last but not least, had to grab a Papyrus Script utility mod I’d neglected to install, in order to correct an error in TCC’s MCM settings. Hopefully this won’t make anything explode, she said nervously. 😛

Next time

I’ve already got another Kendeshel session under my belt since what I did for this post, and that action’s going to cover getting the Silver Armor for Lydia, getting Goldenhills Plantation, recovering Amren’s family sword from Halted Stream Camp, and checking out that zombie ritual site near Southfringe Sanctum. And more chucking of stuff back to the museum to get that display count up.

Seriously thinking about actually running Southfringe Sanctum, since there’s so much new content in this load order that I legit feel like doublechecking a bunch of spots I don’t historically run–just to see if there’s anything in there I want to know about. Like, say, having found the Shroud of the Grey Fox right there in Lund’s Hut!

(And isn’t that just a fascinating little backstory detail to ponder.)

But I really probably ought to go see what the Greybeards are yelling about, too. ;D


Editing to add

  • 9/18/2023: Corrected level up perk taken for level 5 from Destruction to Conjuration
  • 11/25/2023: Restored missing gallery.

As Angela Highland, Angela is the writer of the Rebels of Adalonia epic fantasy series with Carina Press. As Angela Korra'ti, she writes the Free Court of Seattle urban fantasy series. She's also an amateur musician and devoted fan of Newfoundland and Quebecois traditional music.