• Finds-The-Way Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Finds-The-Way Becomes Thane of Falkreath

    And now to check in with my Argonian Finds-The-Way, and her Skyrim playthrough in German, where every noun is longer. Especially the ones involving gauntlets.

    Main action: running the In My Time of Need plot, in favor of Kematu; getting the Silver Armor for Lydia, and later replacing it with the Daedric Plate; furnishing the rest of Breezehome; going to High Hrothgar to speak to the Greybeards; fighting my first Dragonborn cultists; running Shroud Hearth Barrow; beginning the Daedra’s Best Friend quest; becoming thane in Falkreath; beginning the building of Lakeview Manor; acquiring Hendraheim; and killing a whole passel of bandits.

    (Yep, there’s a lot in this post! And a lot of language commentary, in particular.)

  • Kendis Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendis Confronts Alduin, Interrupts Necromancers, and Recovers a Shard

    Wow, I am super behind on my playthrough posts. And I’ve been so heavily playing ESO lately that my Skyrim playthroughs have actually lagged! I’ve hit a point where ESO has become more interesting just because it’s got way more content I actually haven’t played yet.

    But that said, here are the last three sessions I’ve done with Kendis on the Switch, the earliest of which was back in late May, and the last of which was last night.

  • Kendis Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendis Joins the Dawnguard and Seeks Elder Scrolls

    Main action in these sessions: getting started with Dawnguard, and in fact making serious inroads on the plot, getting all the way through running the Soul Cairn and getting Valerica’s Elder Scroll. And in between all of this, I kept bouncing back to Whiterun trying to spawn the Traveler. Which did in fact finally help me solve the problem with Carlotta and Mila being stuck!

    Meanwhile, I also picked up the thaneship in Winterhold! For free, pretty much, since I’d already helped enough people and had put the new Jarl into power by way of winning the war.

    And last but not least, I got onto the trail of finding the Dragon scroll, needed not only for Dawnguard, but for the main plot as well.

  • Dragonborn,  Faanshi Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Faanshi Defeats Ahzidal, Miraak and Alduin

    As predicted, I spent another couple of sessions finishing up Faanshi’s playthrough so I could free the Switch for running Survival Mode! This therefore is Faanshi’s last session post, covering both of the sessions I did with her.

    Main actions in this pair of sessions: defeating Miraak in Apocrypha, Ahzidal in Kolbjorn Barrow, and Alduin in Sovngarde!

  • Shenner Playthrough

    In Which Shenner is Proclaimed the Fisher Queen

    I actually did main plot stuff in this session–i.e., visiting Paarthurnax and getting the objective to find the Elder Scroll, and learning the Clear Skies Shout–but I’m way more amused by how I got word that a song was written about how awesome I have become at fishing. LOL. Spent time on other side quests as well, finishing off the Pets plotline, recovering a staff for Enthir to get Onmund’s amulet back, and finding a couple aspects of the game that were buggy even though I’m running the USSEP in this playthrough.

  • Shenner Playthrough

    In Which Shenner Visits the Greybeards and Acquires Silver Armor

    This session on PC was a mix of familiar stuff and new stuff. On the familiar side, we have visiting High Hrothgar for the first time, running Shroud Hearth Barrow, and moving the quest In My Time of Need further along by talking to Saadia. On the unfamiliar side, we have the quest to acquire a suit of Silver Armor!

    Also, I have commentary behind the cut about my current mod list (it’s short), and my current FPS performance.