• Kendeshel Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendeshel Meets a Dragon and Begins an Excavation

    Time for catchup with Kendeshel and Legacy of the Dragonborn! Main Skyrim action covered here: clearing Kolskeggr Mine of the Forsworn; meeting up with Delphine and Esbern at Karthspire, and in parallel, running the Crypt of the Heart quest; going to High Hrothgar and meeting Paarthurnax; rescuing Gogh the goblin; running Wolfskull Cave for the Potema quest; helping out the Hall of the Dead in Markarth with a cannibal problem; and running Dead Man’s Dread.

    Also significant spoilers in this post for the Legacy of the Dragonborn Skyrim mod, including location of the last two members of the Explorers Society that I needed to recruit; further action with the Shattered Legacy quest; and the first part of running the quest The Excavation of Windcaller Pass.

  • Elessir Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Elessir Becomes Thane of Winterhold and a Nightingale

    Latest post from my Elessir playthrough! Main action in this one: finishing up the Saints and Seducers plot, by taking out the second Seducers camp and then the mad conjurer Thoron; returning the Sword of Jyggalag to Staada; locating the remains of missing College of Winterhold apprentices; recovering the Helm of Winterhold and becoming thane of Winterhold; reforging the Arms of Chaos; and pushing the Thieves Guild plotline along to the point of becoming a Nightingale.

  • Finds-The-Way Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Finds-The-Way Saves Dawnstar, Catches a Murderer, and Robs a Museum

    Swinging back around to my Skyrim playthrough in German, starring the Argonian Finds-The-Way. Main action here: running the nightmares plot in Dawnstar; running Yngol Barrow near Windhelm; catching the murderer in Windhelm for the Blood on the Ice quest; and continuing Thieves Guild action, from running Snow Veil Sanctum, to robbing the Dwemer museum, to getting Enthir to translate the journal and receiving the Nightingale Blade from Karliah.

  • Kendis Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendis Becomes Thane of Haafingar and Fights the Mythic Dawn

    Time for catchup with Kendis in Skyrim! Main action in this post: clearing Sunderstone Gorge; defeating the ghost of Potema in the Solitude catacombs; getting the Wabbajack; killing Crowstooth at Arcwind Point; questing through Varlais Cavern and then Red Scar Cavern, and triggering the Oblivion gate; questing in the Deadlands; saving Malborn from assassination; initial action to get the thaneship in the Reach; and lots and lots and lots of fishing.

  • Skyrim,  Skyrim Together Playthrough

    In Which the Dragonborns Are Betrayed By Their Guildmaster

    A long-overdue Skyrim Together post, literally a month after we had this session! Did I mention I’m way, way behind on getting my playthrough posts up?

    Main action in this is Thieves Guild stuff, and specifically the part where Mercer Frey’s true colors are revealed, and the Dragonborn then has to break into a museum. Fun times!

    Heaping side helping, though, of my having to replay everything we did in this session solo because my game broke. Oof.

  • Kendis Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendis Slays a Cannibal, Acquires Mehrunes’ Razor, and Quests for Mara

    Three session post, which has Kendis questing all over the damn place and working on a bunch of side quests. But I’ve also got a bunch of commentary here about glitches, because the last couple of Kendis sessions have been unusually buggy in my Skyrim experience–and given how buggy Skyrim has been for me during all my playthroughs, that’s saying something.

  • Faanshi Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Faanshi Weds a Sword-Maiden

    Yep, even though right now my Steam Deck is the cool new kid on my block, still haven’t forgotten I have a Khajiit in play on the Switch! So let’s go back and see what Faanshi’s up to, shall we?

    Ah yes: marrying her housecarl from Solitude, Jordis the Sword-Maiden, finally! <3 <3 And oh yes: adopted a sister for Sofie, Runa Fair-Shield! With this session, as well, I officially sent Faanshi to Solstheim to get the Dragonborn plotline underway for her. Chosen follower for this expedition: Serana!

  • Shenner Playthrough

    In Which Shenner Visits Alduin’s Wall

    This was another session in which I did way more than I could easily fit in the post’s title! Lots of fishing challenges pursued here, but also going to Karthspire for Alduin’s Wall and the resolution of the Crypt of the Heart quest, so now I have Ebony Spell Knight armor! Plus, I may not be playing an official thief with this character–but I did move the Gray Cowl plot a little further along, and amused myself with breaking into Erikur’s house in Solitude. And more even beyond that, but those are the main highlights!

    Alduin’s Wall, though, gets the title lead since it’s main plot stuff.