Delga Playthrough

In Which Delga Does More General Adventuring

Another fairly low-key session, since although this was a Friday night session, I had to get up in the morning to go to chiro, and couldn’t stay up until stupid-o’clock playing Skyrim!

So mostly, this was just wandering around doing training, crafting, and general adventuring, accompanied by housecarl Calder!


  • Play date: 12/17/2021
  • Session number in this run: 48
  • Got Calder into active follow mode, and gave him his improved ebony boots!
  • Headed from Windhelm to mage college
  • Gave Arniel back his warped soul gem
  • Took training with all five trainers
  • Headed out on foot to go to Raldbthar for the last aetherium shard
  • Imperial soldier in Winterhold: “Hard to believe I ever complained about Riften being cold.” Lololol.
  • Took out a snow bear
  • Decided to pop over to Journeyman’s Nook and get Treasure Map II
  • Found a horse fighting an ice wraith; turned out to be a horse from the noble + Imperial guard encounter; noble was dead, but I took out the ice wraith, and the horse ran off
  • Found Journeyman’s Nook, killed a bandit there; looted the place and got the map and a few other goodies, including alchemy skill book
  • The noble’s Imperial soldier escort was just standing back over by the road near the horse; dude, way to defend your patron there
  • Proceeded onward with Calder; went past Fort Kastav, heard dragon, probably respawned for Mount Anthor
  • Angled west towards Morthal
  • Discovered burned out Hall of the Vigilant for the map
  • Total hostile creatures: three frost trolls, four snowy sabre cats, one regular sabre cat, two cave bears
  • Hostile NPCs: male Khajiit thief, male Dunmer assassin
  • Encountered two Vigilants of Stendarr hunting a Volkihar Vampire, Calder got in on shooting at the vamp and I think Calder in fact finally downed her
  • I held back just because 4 against 1, particularly when the 1 seemed panicked and fleeing, didn’t seem entirely fair even if she was a vampire
  • Discovered Brood Cavern for the map
  • Also wound up changing directions a lot following the Vigilants
  • Wound up near Eldersblood Peak, I think? Heard dragon, again probably respawned
  • Finally wound up at Crabber’s Shanty, also discovered for the map
  • Headed back east again to try to get to Raldbthar
  • Hostile creatures: mudcrab that tried to attack Calder; sabre cat; cave bear
  • Non-hostile NPC: lone Vigilant that looked like he’d just wiped out a bunch of skeletons
  • Realized i was too close to being overloaded to hit Raldbthar
  • Took another crack at Fort Snowhawk; it had respawned, but still didn’t quite clear it! Booooo
  • Overloaded though so opted to fast travel to Whiterun instead after quaffing a potion
  • Got some stuff sold to cut down on the load
  • Blipped to Solitude because of thinking I still had furnishings to buy at Proudspire? But confirmed that actually, no, I’m good
  • Saved there for the night


This session was shorter than I really wanted, but this was the consequence of, as I said above, not being able to stay up quite as late as I usually on a weekend. I had to get up in the morning to go to chiro and I didn’t want to do it on four hours of sleep!

So this turned into a crafting, smithing, and general adventuring session. I’d wanted to go to Raldbthar to get that last aetherium shard, but wound up trying to clear Fort Snowhawk again.

Still didn’t pull it off! But this time through it was notable that I got multiple necromancers who quickly ran off in panic from fighting Calder and me–and at least a couple who spawned non-hostile, which was weird. Eventually I’ll come back here to try again this run, maybe; if I do, I’ll have to see if that happens again.

Only other thing of amusing note here was hearing, but not actually engaging, two different dragons. Which were presumably the respawned dragons of Mount Anthor and Eldersblood Peak.

Next time

See if I can get to Raldbthar this time, maybe? As I’ve remembered that’s the one with the spinning blade trap that blocked me from getting Lydia past it, I may need to send Calder home again and run it by myself.


Just one screenshot this time!

Editing to add

  • 11/19/2023: Restored missing gallery, and added play date and session number markers.

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