Kendis Playthrough,  Skyrim

In Which Kendis Aids the Remnants and Slays a Mad Conjurer

Basically, these two sessions were all about finishing up the overall Remnants plotline, and the Saints and Seducers plotline as well. I contacted Remnants agents and eventually helped rescue their captured comrade from the Thalmor. I got awarded a set of their armor. And I took out the remaining bandit camps, quested into the sewers in Solitude and defeated Thoron, and did the epilogue where I handed off the Sword of Jyggalag to Staada.

Play by play

  • Play dates: 2/9, 2/11/2023
  • Session numbers in this run: 31-32

Thursday the 9th

  • Picked up again at Lakeview
  • Did a little inventory checking then boinged from there to Whiterun to do a little shopping
  • Mounted up from there and began to ride east, to head for Purewater Run
  • Dragon right by the Western Watchtower!
  • Ri’saad’s Khajiit were in range so they got in on the battle
  • Afterwards Ri’saad was dropped down into that recovery crouch, I wish I could have healed him–but he was still absolutely willing to sell me stuff, because master Khajiit salesman, yes 😉
  • Also fought as I continued westward:
    • Cultists
    • Three different sabre cats
    • One bear
  • Made it into the Reach
  • Discovered Dushnikh Yal for the map but did not trigger any orcs inside telling me to fuck off
  • Found the grave for the Spell Knight plot but didn’t trigger any hostiles; gotta wake up that quest to get that armor! Will get back to that
  • Reached Purewater Run and got in there to talk to Fijeh
  • Got directive to go find the other two agents in Karthwasten and Ivarstead
  • Headed to Karthwasten first; passed Kolskeggr mine so took out the three Forsworn on the road near there
  • Came up on Karthwasten from the back which I hadn’t realized I could do; found the agent there and got her note
  • Witnessed the locals vs. Silver-Blood goons confrontation; did not interfere
  • Since I was right there, found and took out Kinthal’s Saints camp; got journal talking about finding Thoron
  • Overloaded at this point so boinged back to Whiterun to see what I could sell
  • Went to Tundra Homestead and stashed a bunch of stuff there, and got a theme of Golden and Dark items going in that cellar
  • Came out again and immediately got Saints bandits pissed I’d killed Kinthal; took out all three of them, which gave me more Golden gear to stash in the basement
  • Boinged next to Ivarstead and talked to the agent there; got directive to return to Fijeh
  • But first boinged to Yorgrim Overlook to get near the Seducers camp there
  • Got Vampire Masquerade encounter so took out the vamps
  • Took out the Seducers camp and got the other Elytra Nymph
  • Rode over to Svarig’s bandit camp
  • Killed once; they overwhelmed me and it didn’t help that I was overloaded
  • Second time through, called up frost atronach and also dinged the Elytra to try out “I need help in battle”, which gave me and Yngvi and Lydia combat bonuses, nice
  • This time we took out the bandits; cleared the camp and got Svarig’s journal to move the plot along
  • Also checked the wrecked carriage while there for the Wraithguard and Sunder plot
  • Boinged back to Purewater Run to check in with Fijeh; got directive to hit the final area near Hendraheim and rescue the Remnant agent; also got the two fire scimitars and the cool armor
  • Boinged back to Whiterun to see if I could sell more things
  • Adrianne hadn’t restocked yet, but I bought a bunch of ebony off of her, which gave her the funds to buy a bunch of Dark items
  • Returned to Tundra Homestead to drop off more stuff–and as soon as i showed up: holy shit, two dragons
  • And also a stray dog, that I only noticed after I finished taking out both of the dragons
  • Paused to spend three souls I now had banked up and unlocked the rest of my pending Shouts
  • That got me a lot of dragon bits though, so I stashed a bunch of things in the chest by the forge
  • Also took the time to improve the Remnant gear up before the final fight
  • Rode out again, this time aiming for Hendraheim
  • En route: zombie horde, and Lydia, the dog, and I took them out
  • Caught up with Ri’saad’s caravan again as they were heading back to Markarth
  • Tried to get off Yngvi to talk to them but a wolf showed up and they killed it, and they got ahead of me because I was overloaded
  • Rode a little ahead and did take two; this time was able to talk to Ri’saad and tell him the bandits were dealt with and get his payment; also did more shopping with him
  • Proceeded to the crossroads near Hendraheim
  • Got there and triggered encounter with bandits and two sabre cats
  • Rendezvoused with the Remnants and tried to help them fight the Thalmor–but accidentally hit one of the agents with my fire scimitar and pissed him off, oops; he killed me
  • But not thrown back very far, just back to the nearby crossroads
  • This time random encounter was a farmer realizing oh shit he killed his wife, because oh shit werewolf! Lydia and Yngvi killed him
  • Second time through on the rescue, let the agents fight with the four Thalmor while I rescued their guy and let him loose; objective achieved!
  • Looted all the Thalmor while there because fuck those guys
  • Looted the fallen traitor Ismal and got his Boneshaver sword, and took his clothes for that matter
  • Couldn’t find Yngvi, so quaffed a potion to fast travel to Hendraheim and rendezvous with him
  • Dropped off all the elven armor in Hendraheim’s basement, and several weapons onto various racks to lighten the load
  • Boinged one last time back to Purewater Run
  • Why hello there Seducer bandits pissed off that I killed Svarig! Geez you guys get word fast, and where were you that I didn’t kill you at the camp?
  • Took out those bandits and looted their stuff, then went in and got final reward from Fijeh
  • Boinged back to Hendraheim to make sure I hadn’t stashed anything in the chest by that forge
  • Boinged back to Tundra Homestead and recovered stashed materials from that forge chest
  • Boinged to Lakeview to add those materials to my cache of materials there
  • Did some smithing work and that let me level up to 36; took Stamina bump and Glass Smithing perk
  • Built out other set of five safes in the cellar and a small number of furnishings in other parts of the house
  • Saved for the night

Saturday the 11th

  • Started at Lakeview
  • Boinged to Whiterun to sell things, then went out to the fishing spot nearby to fish
  • Got remaining initial round of needed fish
  • Watched mage fight across the river at the White River Watch spawn point, but was too far away to intervene or get the mages over there cranky at me, so fishing was uninterrupted
  • Rode from there over to get to where the juvenile mudcrab was
  • Killed a sabre cat on the way and it clipped right into the road, which was weird
  • Zombie horde on the way as well; they killed the stray dog this time 🙁
  • Made it to the juvenile mudcrab, though
  • Lydia and Yngvi went to town on the adults, so got a lot of chitin and crab meat
  • Rode from there over towards Greenspring Hollow; two sabre cats there, took them out and then looted the place
  • Found Drelas’ Cottage but did not intrude
  • Was distracted anyway by arrival of dragon, probably dragon off of Eldersblood Peak? Wiki says the cottage attracts dragons from there; took it out
  • Rode from there towards Skyborn Altar
  • Took out a frost troll en route
  • Cut through Labyrinthian and killed more frost trolls there
  • Made it up to Skyborn Altar and took out the Blood Dragon there; cleared boss chest and got second word for Frost Breath off the wall
  • Mounted up and boinged from there to Solitude
  • Sold a bunch of stuff to Sayma and Beirand
  • Attempted the sewers for the tail end of Saints and Seducers, and this played out pretty similar to when I did it as Shenner
  • I.e., was able to run most of the dungeon and then Thoron handed me my ass, killing me a couple of times
  • Went topside and made a boatload of useful potions
  • Came back down and did a few things:
    • Switched into the Lord’s Mail
    • Poisoned up both my scimitars with the fancy Lingering Damage Health + Paralysis potions
    • And after I got killed a couple more times, remembered I do have the Slow Time Shout
  • The Shout in particular let me and Lyds prevail, and gave me time to get around Thoron’s summoned minions and take him out directly
  • Got all of the loot, including the sword and the Sheo-shaped amber
  • Got the courier to go talk to Staada only after I went to get Yngvi
  • Tried a different route to get to her this time and got sidetracked because wrong quest markers active 😛
  • Killed a few chaurus and mudcrabs, and finally found her
  • Gave her the sword, and then looted the camp when she vanished; found a journal written by Enthir of useful atronach forge recipes utilizing amber and madness, don’t remember if Shenner got that before?
  • Also got the various tasty conjure spellbooks
  • Boinged from there to Myrwatch, with the idea that I’d run thaneship of Morthal next
  • Fought a chaurus respawned in front
  • Then went in and did a little smelting
  • Saved for the night


Playing out the Remnants plotline went pretty similarly to how I ran it as Shenner, in terms of actual action. But doing this plot as a Redguard definitely hits a little differently!

I think Kendis took to this a lot more than Shenner did. The Remnants are, after all, her own people. And I see her finding it extremely satisfying to be able to help agents of her own people in Skyrim. Particularly if it means she gets to make life annoying for Thalmor.

Extra fun as well to be wearing armor and carrying weapons made by her own people. It’s a little bit of home to carry with her as long as she’s in Skyrim.

Later, when I was at Tundra Homestead, I triggered the encounter with two dragons. I’ve had two dragons before, typically when I get a fast travel dragon + a dragon from a nearby lair, or fast travel dragon + “dragon + wagon and corpses + surviving dog” encounter.

But it still surprises me when it happens! And this time I’m pretty sure it was the mix of fast travel dragon + “dragon and wagon and dog” encounter, because I did get a stray dog–that I only noticed after I finished taking out both of the dragons.

Mind you, I didn’t see any sign of a burned wagon and corpses? But I might have just totally missed it. Because kinda busy killing two simultaneous dragons!

Sadly, the dog didn’t survive past its second session! It was slain while valiantly helping me fight zombies.

Second time through on trying to do the final Remnants vs. Thalmor encounter, I had the random encounter where a farmer realizes he just killed his wife and then turns into a werewolf. Lydia and Yngvi killed him. I hung back, kinda feeling like Kendis would be very reluctant to take out a fellow werewolf.

I keep being curious about Drelas’ cottage, but any time I actually find it in a playthrough, I never wind up entering because I feel bad about just walking into somebody’s house. Particularly out in the middle of nowhere. I mean, if I were Drelas and an armed stranger being followed around by another armed stranger came into my house without invitation, I’d attack them too!

Noting for the record that the Remnant scimitars that do fire damage are excellent weapons against frost trolls, though. 😀

The Saints and Seducers finale was definitely fun again, though I have got to remember to be ready with a boatload of useful potions when I go down there. And ideally, the Slow Time Shout as well. Deploying that is what let me get through the fight safely, finally.

I do not actively remember finding Enthir’s journal with atronach forge recipes for amber and madness. I didn’t remark on it in Shenner’s relevant post. If I saw it before, I must have decided it wasn’t noteworthy? And it’s kind of not just because most of its recipes are for summoning saints or seducers, or making scrolls or spellbooks to do so. And the spellbooks for all the relevant spells were right there on the table next to the journal, so.

Next time

Yep, time to solve that whole “why’d the house burn down” question, and go kill Movarth again!

At least this time, since I’m already a werewolf, I don’t have to worry about Sanguinare Vampiris. 😀


Editing to add

  • 11/25/2023: Restored missing gallery.

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