• Shenner Playthrough

    In Which Shenner Visits Alduin’s Wall

    This was another session in which I did way more than I could easily fit in the post’s title! Lots of fishing challenges pursued here, but also going to Karthspire for Alduin’s Wall and the resolution of the Crypt of the Heart quest, so now I have Ebony Spell Knight armor! Plus, I may not be playing an official thief with this character–but I did move the Gray Cowl plot a little further along, and amused myself with breaking into Erikur’s house in Solitude. And more even beyond that, but those are the main highlights!

    Alduin’s Wall, though, gets the title lead since it’s main plot stuff.

  • Shenner Playthrough

    In Which Shenner Raids Faldar’s Tooth and the Thalmor Embassy

    Yet another Shenner session, just because I’m trying to get Shenner’s number of sessions caught up with Faanshi’s before I start switching back and forth again. One more Shenner to go, then I’ll switch back to my Khajiit Guildmaster!

    And in this one, I did a bunch of fishing, cleared Faldar’s Tooth, and then went and made life difficult for the Thalmor at their embassy!

  • Shenner Playthrough

    In Which Shenner Acquires Thaneships, a Unicorn, and a Goblin

    Extremely eventful session! Shenner picked up thaneships in Morthal and Riften, tracked down and tamed a unicorn, rescued a goblin from imprisonment by a false god, and retrieved a set of Daedric mail!

    (And if you’re going, “Hey Anna, I thought you were alternating between Faanshi and Shenner,” you are correct! But this time I wanted two back to back Shenner sessions, because I wanted closure with Movarth.)

  • Ysani Playthrough

    In Which Ysani Seeks the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller and Becomes Thane of Falkreath

    This was a nicely action-packed session, seeing the clearing of Treva’s Watch and the payment of the bounty for the bandit chief there, as well as venturing into Ustengrav in search of the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Plus, I have now fully furnished Breezehome, and become thane in Falkreath.

    And I didn’t actively plan to initiate the Thieves Guild plotline this session, but it kinda worked out that way!

  • Delga Playthrough

    In Which Delga Regains the Rift for the Empire

    I’m posting this on Sunday, but this is actually for the play session I did on Friday night. I didn’t play last night, because I was trying to charge through fixing all of my screenshot galleries so I could resume adding galleries to new posts.

    And this one is another step forward in the Imperial side of the civil war plotline, wherein I help the Empire regain the Rift.

  • Merawen Playthrough

    In Which Merawen Finally Returns at Least a Bit to the Main Plot

    As of this session I found myself growing a bit weary of tromping around throwing a bunch of Illusion and Destruction spells around, and looking for excuses to pick fights with bandits and/or Falmer. So in between doing all of that, I did finally go to Dragonsreach in Whiterun, and get the Jarl to agree to help me trap a dragon—if I could do something about this war thing going on.