• Dragonborn,  Ysani Playthrough

    In Which Ysani Uncovers a Threat on Solstheim

    This post covers play done on Wednesday 4/13 and Thursday 4/14.

    Why all the double session posts? Two reasons:

    1. Four playthroughs in, it’s harder for me to find new material to post about, and
    2. I’ve been having to go to bed earlier because the day job’s getting me up earlier, so I have less time to play on weeknights.

    So it’s taking me longer to get enough useful material to make a post. Hence putting up a post every couple of sessions.

    Anyway, main action here: beginning the run on Solstheim! And diving right into the main Dragonborn plot!

  • Delga Playthrough,  Dragonborn

    In Which Delga Goes to Tel Mithryn and Nchardak

    This is my Skyrim post for the last play I did, on Monday 1/10, just before my house internet came back up. This is also the most recent Skyrim post I have to share with y’all, since I didn’t play last night; I was too busy dealing with necessary aftermaths of bringing the house net back up.

    Since I’m posting this with normal functionality restored, it will be cross-posted to Dreamwidth as per usual.

    This run was kind of short as it was done on a Monday night, but it let me get in some action on the way to Tel Mithryn, have my initial meeting with the wizard Neloth, and get started on running Nchardak at Neloth’s behest!

  • Dragonborn,  Merawen Playthrough

    In Which Merawen Begins Saving Solstheim from Miraak

    Very busy session all around. Got the main Dragonborn plot properly underway with finding Miraak’s temple and meeting Frea of the Skaal, and letting that proceed along to the point of clearing four of the All-Maker Stones with the Bend Will Shout, and beginning the search for more of the Black Books.

    Also, got the Kolbjorn Barrow plot properly underway and the A New Source of Stalhrim plot, as well as hunting for pieces of the Deathbrand armor. And got Cindiri Arano her folio back.