Faanshi Playthrough,  Skyrim

In Which Faanshi Destroys the Dark Brotherhood

Take that, assassins!

And oh yes, I also got the final Stone of Barenziah, which meant I was able to go after the crown as well, and set it up with the Thieves Guild. As any self-respecting Guildmaster ought to do! Also, dropped off books with Urag at the college and Jazbay grapes with Avrusa Sarethi, and took out the dragon at Autumnwatch Tower.


  • Play date: 9/11/2022
  • Session number in this run: 57
  • Started in Riften post-killing of Grelod
  • Boinged to Windhelm to tell Aventus the deed was done
  • Sold a bunch of things to Niranye
  • Boinged to college; got Revered Dragon! Killed it with storm atronachs and bow shots from sneak
  • Sold unknown volumes to Urag
  • Boinged to Sarethi Farm
  • Finally got the courier with the mysterious note
  • Gave the 20 Jazbay grapes to Avrusa
  • Boinged to Heljarchen; dropped off dragon bits and did a little bit of smithing
  • Slept in one of the beds–and got kidnapped by Astrid! Who I then promptly killed
  • Yoinked Astrid’s stuff, and freed the captives
  • Couldn’t immediately fast travel because there were slaughterfish in the nearby water; took them out with fireballs, and was then able to boing to Solitude
  • Reported to a guard that I’d killed Astrid; headed off to Dragon Bridge as per directive
  • Got directive from Commander Maro to go wipe out the Dark Brotherhood in their sanctuary; CAN DO
  • Got the last of the unusual gems! And wiped out the place via dremora
  • Returned to Dragon Bridge to report back to the captain for the reward and promise to tell the emperor what I’d done
  • Then returned to Riften and sold a bunch of things to the Flagon merchants
  • Got five rounds of Pickpocket training with Vipir
  • Asked Vex about the gems and got the quest to go find the crown
  • Boinged to Heljarchen to try to find Jordis; didn’t find her so built stuff instead
  • Boinged to Windstad to build out a few more things there, and burn through more iron bought from the Flagon merchants; hi Iona!
  • Boinged back to Heljarchen and this time actually found Jordis; got her following me
  • Boinged down to look for the Autumnwatch Tower dragon
  • Got a Revered Dragon but possibly also a second dragon, not entirely sure because it fried me >_<
  • Thrown back to Heljarchen when I picked up Jordis
  • Re-did going to Autumnwatch
  • First dragon spotted this time: Frost Dragon; however, that dragon flew off before I could kill it; was possibly Arcwind Point dragon?
  • Killed a Blood Dragon near Autumnwatch anyway; got the word for Marked for Death off that wall
  • Finally boinged over to look for Tolvald’s Cave; ran the place
  • Killed once by Falmer towards the end after fetching Barenziah’s crown, but not thrown back very far
  • Mostly threw dremora and Jordis at various Falmer, and filled assorted soul gems
  • Made it finally out of the cave and boinged back to Riften
  • Gave Vex the gems and the crown; got Prowler’s Profit power
  • Took Jordis back topside and saved for the night


Usually when I take out Astrid as the prelude to taking out the entire Dark Brotherhood, I envision my character being actively pissed off. With Faanshi, I feel like she’s mostly just entirely unimpressed and has no time for Astrid’s bullshit.

Me: “Khajiit thinks that your brotherhood must not have wanted the young cub’s contract that badly. This one heard rumors in Windhelm for weeks that the boy was calling you, and you did not show. It is not the fault of Khajiit that your brotherhood was tardy.”

Astrid: “I didn’t ask you what you thought. All I want to hear from you now is who you’re going to kill. If you want out of this cabin, somebody has to die.”

Me, drawing my bow and firing: “Khajiit accepts your proposition.”

Astrid: “NOOOO!”

Me: “Be grateful Khajiit does not call her dremora. At least this way, you do not die while on fire.”

Other than that, what stood out for me was Jordis periodically dropping into the recovery state in Tolvald’s Cave. I had to hit her with the Healing Hands spell a few times. What this tells me is, I really need to stock her up well on healing potions before heading over to Solstheim!

Next time

Very, very close to being ready to take Faanshi off to Solstheim. But before I do that, I think I’m going to go adopt a kid from the orphanage to go keep Sofie company! And also marry Jordis. <3


Yay, Faanshi gets a few more screenshots finally! Because obligatory Try On the Dark Brotherhood Gear time.

Editing to add

  • 11/23/2023: Restored missing gallery.

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