Finds-The-Way Playthrough,  Skyrim

In Which Finds-The-Way Becomes Arch-Mage, and Thane of Hjaalmarch and the Pale

Swinging back around to my ongoing Argonian playthrough in Skyrim! Main action here: becoming Arch-Mage at the College of Winterhold, running Runoff Caverns and getting its assorted quest rewards (including the Dwarven Horse), running Laid to Rest and becoming thane in Hjaalmarch, and killing some giants and helping some Dawnstar residents to become thane in the Pale as well.

Play by play

  • Play dates: 10/30, 11/2/2023
  • Session numbers in this run: 30-31

Monday the 30th

  • Picked up again right outside the Hall of the Elements
  • Helped Savos and Mirabelle take down the barrier Ancano had put up
  • Ran in to confront him, and BOOM ohnoez the Arch-Mage is dead
  • Got achievement at this point for finishing Revealing the Unseen
  • Ran out to speak to Tolfdir
  • Then ran down to Winterhold with Faralda and Arniel to take out the magic anomalies
  • Mostly did that with blades since it’s easier for me to hit the damn things with weapons than with magic
  • Then ran back up to report to Mirabelle and get directive to go to Labyrinthian
  • Boinged to Myrwatch to get within range of the place, then rode over
  • Got ahead of Lydia but knew she’d catch up
  • Took out a couple of frost trolls as you do
  • Then parked the unicorn near the steps leading up to the main entrance
  • Saw initial ghosts and then went in to start running the place
  • Spellbook on that early table was Waterbreathing; NOT USEFUL, GAME, DAMMIT I WANTED TELEKINESIS XD
  • Of course got overloaded off the dragon bits picked up off the Skeletal Dragon–because I neglected to actually do a loot dropoff/sell run before coming in, oops
  • Ran the place as a surgical strike and minimized loot taking
  • Only place I had any trouble was the corridor of spellcaster trap DOOM, but not thrown back very far so didn’t lose any progress to speak of
  • Reached Morokei at the end and took out the enthralled wizards with arrow shots, so I wouldn’t have to move as far
  • Also took potshots at Morokei to take him out, which went surprisingly quickly 😀
  • Got boss loot on the way out, and let Lydia beat up on Estormo
  • Had to trudge back over to get the unicorn so’s I could fast travel
  • Stopped in Whiterun to sell stuff so I wouldn’t have to be heavily laden while fighting Ancano
  • Then boinged to Winterhold
  • Little bit of confusion on the bridge coming up because there were extra magic anomalies spawning–and Tolfdir kept moving
  • Finally got in and did the confrontation with Ancano
  • This time it was super quick and I killed him right after deactivating the Eye of Magnus
  • Hurray I am Arch-Mage!
  • Got achievement for finishing The Eye of Magnus
  • Got a few additional spells and some paid-for training
  • Boinged off to Lakeview after this for inventory managing
  • Then decided to run Runoff Caverns next
  • This went way faster than it did with Elessir–because I wasn’t overloaded
  • Harvester centurions in the Autumn section were a problem but I eventually got past them
  • Got all three masks, shut down all the conduits, and got all the parts of the Dwarven horse
  • Took out all the cranky mercenaries and the cranky apprentice
  • Took out the gigantospider
  • Got the fancy Dwarven armor and the Turn of the Seasons ability
  • Made it back outside and assembled the vamidium
  • Unicorn wandered back off to the college
  • Returned to Lakeview for inventory managing and saved there until next time
  • Leveled up from 40 to 42 in this session, mostly from taking training but also a good bit of fighting in Runoff Caverns

Thursday the 2nd

  • Picked up at Proudspire (apparently I boinged to Solitude at the end of the previous session, but do not remember why)
  • Went to Katla’s Farm to pick up the Dwarven horse
  • Initially attempted to go to Morthal, and sold a couple of things to Ma’dran’s Khajiit on the way out
  • Got a dragon right by Meridia’s temple; killed it, and spotted Imperial soldiers attacking it as well
  • Realized in the aftermath that there must have been an Imperials vs. Stormcloaks fight nearby, because I spotted casualties of that fight, and then a line of the survivors gawking at the dragon skeleton, LOL
  • Rode around Dragon Bridge and got onto the road to Morthal
  • But then got cultists, and had to take them out
  • Was very overloaded at that point so decided to boing back to Solitude and sell stuff, which turned into selling more stuff to Ma’dran so I didn’t have to go into the city
  • Decided to go hit the Steed Stone and bump Finds’ carry weight up further
  • Then re-did going to Morthal, and this time got as far as Fort Snowhawk
  • Got attacked by necromancers and skeletons by there, so okay FINE I was minding my own goddamned business, but YOU ASSHOLES had to start shit, so now my housecarl and I are going to have to kill ALL OF YOU
  • Ran the place, mostly–but couldn’t clear it, as per previous experience with Fort Snowhawk being hard to clear even if you kill the boss in there, and I couldn’t find anybody else to take out
  • Proceeded to Morthal, and talked to the innkeeper to kick off Laid To Rest
  • Also got a bounty from her for killing a giant at Blizzard Rest
  • Started running the Laid to Rest plot pretty much as per previous playthroughs
  • Killed time while waiting for it to be dark so I could go find Helgi’s coffin
  • Got training in Alchemy from Lami
  • Discovered Folgunthur for the map but did not engage yet
  • Also stumbled across the site for the necromancer with the bone wolf, so went ahead and ran that
  • And now I have a pet bone wolf, yay? 😆
  • Got a werewolf pelt out of the camp but I must have missed the other two
  • Parked the bone wolf for now inside Myrwatch
  • Took out Laelette by Helgi’s coffin, and had conversation with Thonnir after
  • Saw Alva going by me towards the inn when I was on the way to her house
  • Killed Hroggar in Alva’s house and got her journal
  • Slept in Myrwatch to wait for it to be morning, before trying to report to the Jarl
  • Then reported to her and got directive to go take out Movarth in his lair
  • Got the war party to come after me
  • Chatted with Thonnir at the lair and convinced him to stand down
  • Went in to attack the vampires, and took out initial spiders and thralls as per usual
  • Made it to Movarth and started taking potshots at him, but got spotted pretty quickly
  • Started diving into the fight, and took out a couple of the minions–only to discover that Movarth’s quest marker moved
  • Went after him and found him in his back bedroom–but FIGHTING WITH ALVA
  • Who then proceeded to kill him, and moreover she was not actually hostile to me
  • Very confused by this! But let her go, and swept the rest of the lair for any stragglers
  • Took out the thralls in the back treasure room and the side branch
  • Then got back to the exit and had final comments from Helgi’s ghost
  • Reported back to the Jarl and got the pointer to become thane
  • Got quest from Idgrod the Younger to take her letter to Whiterun
  • Realized that I couldn’t get Lami’s quest to give her the Song of the Alchemists book because I already had the quest active to bring Rustleif Night Falls on Sentinel
  • So boinged to Whiterun and dropped off the letter with Danica Pure-Spring
  • Then boinged to Swindler’s Den and ran enough of that to get the copy of Night Falls on Sentinel from there
  • Rode over to Goldenhills and picked up farm profits, which got me a tidy sum and moved me up to nearly 50K in gold
  • Confirmed I did not have a copy of Song of the Alchemists there though, so boinged to Hendraheim
  • Killed by surprise dragon and thrown back to coming out of the farmhouse at Goldenhills
  • Re-boinged to Hendraheim
  • Went in and found that yes, I had the copy of Song of the Alchemists there, so didn’t have to go all the way to Riften to get the one at Shadowfoot Sanctum
  • Came back out again and saw a dragon spawn, but it mostly was attacking Lost Valley Redoubt
  • Rode off on Dwarven horse until I was far enough away that I could fast travel to Dawnstar
  • Gave Rustleif the book
  • Boinged back to Morthal and gave Lami her book, which satisfied third favor quest
  • Reported back to Idgrod and got thaned up
  • HI VALDIMAR! Welcome to Team Dragonborn!
  • Bought land for Windstad from the steward
  • Boinged to Dawnstar, and checked in with Jarl Skald and got pointer to go kill a giant for him, this one at Stonehill Bluff
  • So headed out from there to take out the giants, and hit the one at Stonehill Bluff first
  • Narrowly managed to avoid having to kill the other one hanging out at the entrance of the place
  • Then hit the one at Blizzard Rest
  • Returned to Dawnstar to report back to Skald, and got pointer to become thane
  • Did a little actual work in the iron mine to dig up iron, then sold it to Beitild for my third favor quest, then reported back to Skald and got thaned up
  • Bought the land for Heljarchen Hall from him (which triggered an achievement for buying three plots of land, achievement number 28, yo)
  • And also HI GREGOR! Welcome to Team Dragonborn!
  • Boinged back to Morthal and turned in the bounty with the steward
  • Headed up to Windstad
  • Fought bandits that had respawned at Ustengrav; you guys are really shitty neighbors, you know?
  • Built Small House
  • Boinged down to Lakeview and picked up a bunch of supplies
  • Boinged back to Windstad and built as much of the Main House as I could
  • Valdimar showed up so appointed him as steward, then boinged down to Whiterun
  • Rode to Heljarchen from there, and built that Small House
  • Had to boing back to Lakeview to get Lydia to sell me more logs
  • Boinged back to Heljarchen and built out more of the Main House, as well as exterior structures
  • Finally boinged back to Lakeview and saved there until next time 

Finishing up the College of Winterhold

Got Waterbreathing as my spellbook on the early table in Labyrinthian, which is decidedly not useful if you’re running an Argonian. It’s kind of hilarious to think of an Argonian casting this spell, though. Does casting Waterbreathing have any actual perceptible effect if you’re an Argonian, I wonder? I mean, in terms of what the character perceives?

I wonder if there’d be a use case for the Waterbreathing spell in water that’s actually fouled for some reason and might be dangerous for even Argonians to swim in.

And of course I got overloaded just taking dragon bits off the Skeletal Dragon–but that’s on me, because I forgot to do a loot dropoff run before coming to the place. Oops.

It did at least motivate me to run Labyrinthian as fast as possible. I minimized taking any loot (except the explicitly useful stuff like gold and ebony), and was very pleased that I managed to take out Morokei quickly.

Learning from that, I did make a point of stopping in Whiterun for loot selling before returning to the college for the finale. And I was likewise pleased that I took out Ancano very quickly.

Runoff Caverns

Having now run this dungeon as Elessir, I went ahead and did it as Finds as well, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about figuring out the dungeon while also parsing a foreign language. And I was pleased that it went much faster with Finds, in no small part because I wasn’t overloaded going in.

And as an Argonian, I had way less difficulty this time through in the Winter section. You don’t have to give any fucks about having a means of Waterbreathing if you can breathe underwater anyway!

Though again, it’s worth calling out here that the Winter section would be even more brutal for an Argonian in Survival Mode–because of Argonians having a 25% weakness to frost. So warning to Future Me as well as anyone else reading: if you’re running Survival Mode, whether the AE/CC version or a modded equivalent, just be sure to plan very carefully before running this dungeon.

More on the Dwarven Horse

When I got back out of Runoff Caverns and assembled the Dwarven horse, I was able to confirm that it does make noises in Finds’ run. So there’s something wacky with Elessir’s. I’ll need to see if the issue repros with Kendeshel.

Convenient Horses remains my most likely suspect for what might be turning off the Dwarven horse’s sounds, but I dunno. I’ll know more once I confirm whether Kendeshel’s run repros the problem. If it doesn’t, that’ll argue against Convenient Horses since I have that mod in both of the modded playthroughs. We’ll see.

At Katla’s Farm, I chatted with the stable keeper and confirmed that I could not, in fact, register the Dwarven Horse to change its name. This functionality comes in with the Wild Horses creation, but apparently the Dwarven Horse is not covered by it. (I’m pretty sure the reindeer in Dawnstar isn’t either, but I’ll have to check that.)

So apparently the Dwarven Horse gets to be ‘Zwergenpferd’ for the rest of this run, LOL. Which, admittedly, is an awesome German word.

Getting the Bone Wolf

Up until this point in my Skyrim Anniversary Edition experience, I haven’t had many fucks to give about the bone wolf pet you can get. I think I’d gotten the bone wolf only once before, as Shenner.

This time through, I decided to leave it at Myrwatch–on the grounds that if Morthal is already twitchy about having a conjurer living among them, BOY HOWDY would they not appreciate seeing my undead wolf pet wandering around. Hell, I’m not convinced Finds-The-Way wants to see it wandering around, for that matter. It’s an ugly thing, and probably smells like death.

That said: I have also seen on the wiki that the bone wolf has a carry weight of 200, much higher than any of the other available pets in the AE. Which is HIGHLY RELEVANT to my chronically overloaded interests, particularly in an unmodded playthrough, where I do not have access to the carry weight solutions Elessir and Kendeshel have. I will need to remember this.

Running Laid to Rest

Getting this underway went more or less similarly to prior playthroughs, but with a couple of notable differences.

First, I wound up convincing Thonnir to stand down without really intending to, because I think I misinterpreted the translated German dialogue options. I’m pretty sure I selected the dialogue option that translated to “I think it’d be better if you waited here.” Regardless, this resulted in Thonnir standing down, along with the rest of the villagers.

Which is for their own good anyway, heh. Trust me on this, people of Morthal, let the Dragonborn and her well-armed and well-armored housecarl go in to attack the vampires. We got this.

The bigger surprise, though, was what happened when I got to the point of confronting Movarth. Lydia and I got spotted pretty quickly, so we dived into the fight. But as we were in the melee, I saw Movarth’s quest marker moving. And when I went after him, I found him back in his little bedroom in the back of the lair–fighting with Alva.

Who then proceeded to kill him.

And who, moreover, was not actually hostile to me.

I was very confused by this! Looked it up on the wikis, and saw that yes indeed, there is a known issue with how, if you don’t actually kill Alva before you raid the lair, she may spawn in the lair hostile to all the other vampires. And not hostile to you. What I could not find a definitive answer for is whether she’s considered human at that point, because it seems as of she’s in a weird state as far as the game is concerned. Her race is set to Nord, not to vampire, which the game treats as a separate race. Yet she still has vampiric abilities!

Either way, the consequence of this, if this bug occurs, is that attacking Alva after this point is considered a crime. So I had no choice but to let her safely leave the lair, and she did wind up back in Morthal.

Which makes for a real interesting headcanon question here: namely, if Alva was so fired up about helping Movarth take over Morthal, what made her change course? If this woman was willing to seduce all of Morthal’s guards, enthrall Hroggar, and convince Laelette to off Hroggar’s family, I have a hard time coming up with an explanation for why she might suddenly repent of all this.

Much would depend on whether she’d actually been cured of her vampirism. I could see Fallon confronting her, maybe, out of a desire to defend Morthal from vampires his own way, even if the town mostly is highly suspicious of him. If he managed to make her remember, oh, say, her own actual family, it might guilt her into letting him cure her. At which point she’d try to redeem herself by helping the Dragonborn take out the vamps. And maybe killing Movarth herself in revenge for his having slain her family.

If she’s still a vampire, though, it could well be a self-preservation play on her part–after realizing that for all his power, Movarth was not powerful enough to take out the Dragonborn. So maybe she’s hoping her feminine wiles will keep her alive?

Either way, I could see this resulting in an extremely awkward conversation with the Jarl. 😀

Alva: “Hi everybody, what’s new?”

Jarl Idgrod: “You? You’re still alive? Didn’t the Dragonborn kill you?”

Alva, breezily: “Oh, well, about that, I helped her kill all the rest of the vampires in the lair so I figured we were good–“

Idgrod, pointedly holding up Alva’s confiscated journal: “YOU TRIED TO HELP MOVARTH TAKE OVER MY HOLD. It says so right here, in your own handwriting. And an entire family is now dead because of you. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Alva, smiling weakly: “Ummm…. sorry?”


Achievements unlocked

I missed marking a couple of achievements before this post, I think, so this’ll cover earlier session achievements as well as the ones in this one:

  • 10/22: Dragon Hunter: For absorbing 20 dragon souls
  • 10/28: Reader: For reading 50 skill books
  • 10/30: Revealing the Unseen: For finishing that part of the College of Winterhold questline
  • 10/30: The Eye of Magnus: For finishing the College of Winterhold finale
  • 11/2: Land Baron: For buying three plots of land

Achievements count as of this post: 28.

Language commentary

Interesting terms observed:

  • Sammlerin-Des-Lichts: Takes-In-Light (the Argonian NPC in Savos Aren’s group in Labyrinthian) (lit. “collector (female) of light”)
  • Zeremonielle Tür: Ceremonial Door
  • Torques von Labyrinthion: Torc of Labyrinthian
  • Labyrinthion: Abgrund: Labyrinthian Chasm (lit. “Labyrinthian: Abyss”)
  • Zauberbuch: Gleichgewicht: Spellbook: Equilibrium
  • Magisches Leichentuch: Wisp Wrappings (lit. “magic shroud”)
  • Bulliger Draugr: Hulking Draugr
  • Labyrinthion: Durchgangsroute: Labyrinthian Thoroughfare
  • Glühstaub: Glow Dust
  • Hafnar Eis-Faust: Hafnar Ice-Fist (the Nord of Savos Aren’s group in Labyrinthian)
  • Herzräuber: Drainheart Sword (lit. “heart robber”)
  • Labyrinthion: Tribüne: Labyrinthian Tribune
  • Geisterkriegshund: Spectral Warhound
  • Gewetzter Alter Nordzweihänder der Sengenden Hitze: Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of Scorching (lit. “sharpened ancient northern greatsword of scorching heat”)
  • Draugrhelm der Unverbrannten: Ancient Helmet of the Unburned (lit. “draugr helm of the unburned”)
  • Lösung der Andauernden Regeneration: Solution of Lasting Potency (i.e., the ‘Solution’ tier of magicka regeneration potions) (lit. “solution of persistent regeneration”)
  • Zeit Verlangsamen: Slow Time (the Shout)
  • Kaputtes Zwergenpferd: Broken Dwarven Horse
  • Abflusshöhlen: Runoff Caverns
  • Söldnerkrieger: Mercenary Warrior
  • Söldnerzauberer: Mercenary Wizard
  • Zwergenkrone: Dwarven Crown
  • Frühlingsinfonie: Spring’s Symphony (section of Runoff Caverns) (lit. “Spring Symphony”)
  • Blühender Zweigling: Blossoming Spriggan
  • Zwergendrohnenfliege: Dwarven Drone Fly
  • Leitungssteuerungsedelstein: Conduit Control Gem (27 characters!)
  • Zwergengesicht des Frühlings: Dwarven Spring Visage
  • Stachelgras: Wild Spiky Grass (lit. “prickly grass”)
  • Herbstglocken: Autumn’s Bells (lit. “Autumn Bells”)
  • Rechter Pferdevorderlauf: Horse Right Front Leg
  • Leuchtend roter Weizen: Glowing Red Wheat
  • Weizenbehälter: Wheat Container
  • Weißer Schimmelweizen: White Molded Wheat
  • Ernte-Zwergenzenturio: Harvest Dwarven Centurion
  • Blau leuchtender Weizen: Blue Luminous Wheat
  • Linker Pferdehinterlauf: Horse Left Back Leg
  • Kränklich grüner Weizen: Sickly Green Wheat
  • Rechter Pferdehinterlauf: Horse Right Back Leg
  • Orange verkrusteter Weizen: Orange-Encrusted Wheat
  • Seltsam gefärbter Weizen: Off-Color Wheat (lit. “strange colored wheat”)
  • Linker Pferdevorderlauf: Horse Left Front Leg
  • Zwergengesicht des Herbstes: Dwarven Autumn Visage
  • Sommerfanfaren: Summer’s Chords (lit. “Summer Fanfares”)
  • Reparaturspinnenhebel: Repair Spider Lever
  • Winterklänge: Winter’s Chimes (lit. “winter sounds/tones/chimes”)
  • Reifbedeckte Zwergenspinne: Frosted Dwarven Spider (lit. “frost-covered dwarven spider”)
  • Zwergengesicht des Winters: Dwarven Winter Visage
  • Vardnknd-Himmelstöter-Galerie: Vardnknd Skykiller Gallery
  • Wechsel der Jahreszeiten: Turn of the Seasons (the spell) (lit. “change of seasons”)
  • Vulkanglastiefel des Ochsen: Glass Boots of the Ox
  • Stab der Spinnenbeherrschung: Spider Control Rod (lit. “staff of spider mastery”)
  • Der Schlachtrossstein: The Steed Stone (lit. “The Warhorse Stone”)
  • Festung Schneefalke: Fort Snowhawk
  • Grüne Jungentunika: Boy’s Green Tunic (lit. “green boy’s tunic”)
  • Verkohltes Skeeverfell: Charred Skeever Hide
  • Quartierschlüssel von Festung Schneefalke: Fort Snowhawk Quarters Key
  • Moorblick: Moorside Inn (in Morthal) (lit. “moor view”)
  • Abgebrannt: Burned down
  • Die Letzte Ruhe: Laid to Rest (the quest) (lit. “the final rest”)
  • Steinhügelklippe: Stonehill Bluff
  • Hochmondsaal: High Moon Hall (the Jarl’s longhouse in Morthal)
  • Jarl Idgrod Rabenkrähe: Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone (lit. “Jarl Idgrod Ravencrow”)
  • Helgis Geist: Helgi’s Ghost
  • Fremde: Strangers
  • Hütte des Thaumaturgen: Thaumaturgist’s Hut (Lami’s shop in Morthal)
  • Wolfsdiener: Thrall Wolf (at the necromancer’s camp) (lit. “wolf servant”)
  • Knochenwolf: Bone Wolf
  • Zuhause: Home
  • Kindersarg: Child’s Coffin
  • Laelette die Vampirfrau: Laelette the vampire woman
  • Einbruch der Dunkelheit: Nightfall (lit. “onset of darkness”)
  • Mami: Mummy/mommy (how Helgi describes her mother)
  • Die Mörderin: The murderer
  • Unschuldig: Innocent
  • Diese hinterlistige Schlange!: That treacherous snake! (What Idgrod says about Alva when you bring her Alva’s journal)
  • Orkische Streitaxt: Orcish War Axe
  • Sturmmanteloffizierstiefel: Stormcloak Officer Boots (26 characters!)
  • Bei den Acht: By the Eight (heh, Idgrod clearly doesn’t worship Talos, at least not publicly)
  • Idgrod die Jüngere: Idgrod the Younger
  • Sensibel: Sensitive (how Idgrod the Younger describes her brother)
  • Nacht über Sentinel: Night Falls on Sentinel (the book) (lit. “Night over Sentinel”)
  • Templeheilerin: Temple Healer
  • Kräuter: Herbs
  • Erstaunlich: Astonishing/amazing
  • Hjaalmarsch: Hjaalmarch
  • Haus Windstad: Windstad Manor
  • Sturmruh: Blizzard Rest (lit. “Stormrest”)
  • Eisenbrechermine: Iron-Breaker Mine
  • Kluft der Kolosse: Giants’ Gap
  • Haus Heljarchen: Heljarchen Hall

Quoting this entire line of dialogue because it has a conjugated verb I want to call out. This is Quaranir talking to me in the denouement of the College of Winterhold plot:

“Unser Dank gebührt Euch, Erzmagier.”

I’m pretty sure this is the translation of his line in English “You have our gratitude, Arch-Mage.”

The direct translation of this line is more along the lines of “Our thanks/gratitude belong to you, Arch-Mage.” The conjugated verb is “gebühren”, which translates to “deserve” or in this case “to be due to”.

But I also want to note the usage of “Dank” here. I thought this meant “thanks”, which it can, but it can apparently also mean “gratitude”.

Translating the Steed Stone over to “Schlactrossstein” (Warhorse Stone) is an interesting touch. Certainly gives that particular Standing Stone a bit more of a martial connotation!

Jarl Idgrod’s surname is another instance where I’m seeing “krähe”, “crow”, used where the English game uses “crone”. Which makes her clan name in German “ravencrow”. Or, it can apparently also mean “carrion crow”? Which I suppose might also work as a clan name in Skyrim, though it seems kind of a negative image to name your clan after! I’m amused though that Reverso’s page for Rabenkrähe explicitly has something Skyrim-related as an example of the word used in context!

Ah, and here’s the line Joric gives to strangers in Morthal:

“Ihr seid anders, nicht wahr? Nicht wie alle anderen aus Morthal oder Himmelsrand.”

This is the German version of his line in English when he greets you for the first time:

“You’re different, aren’t you? Not like anyone else. Not in Morthal, or Skyrim.”

Snerk. I know Argonians are thin on the ground in this province, kid, but we’re not that weird, are we? You need to get out of this town and see more of the world.

When I killed Laelette as part of the Laid to Rest plot, she was tagged as “Laelette die Vampirfrau”. Which translates to “Laelette the vampire woman”. Apparently the German translation team thought they needed to make this a bit more obvious?

Idgrod, when you bring her Alva’s journal by way of proof of Alva being a vampire, says in the English game, “That traitorous bitch!” But in German, she says, “Diese hinterlistige Schlange!” “Schlange” means “snake”, but it apparently can also mean “Jezebel” in the same way that English speakers often use it to mean a treacherous woman. (Source) (Source) I suppose this is the closest German could get to the American usage of “bitch” as “treacherous woman”?

AHA and here, finally, is the German translation of the infamous “arrow in the knee” line:

“Früher war ich auch ein Abenteurer. Aber dann habe ich einen Pfeil ins Knie bekommen…”

“Sensibel” in German should be taken to mean “sensitive”, not “sensible”, even though to my English-speaking eyes it looks far more like the latter.

Voice acting commentary

Not much to comment on in this area this time, but I do want to note that I did like Idgrod’s voice performance in German. She sounded like a nice match for the English-speaking version of the character.

Next time

Finds-The-Way’s next post is going to feature reforging Geirmund’s amulet, finishing up Saints and Seducers, raiding Mercer Frey’s house–and becoming a Nightingale! Stay tuned!


Editing to add

  • 11/26/2023: Restored missing gallery, and also added a picture to it that I’d missed when I first put this post up. (The one of Valdimar at Windstad, second to the last in the set.)
  • 11/30/2023: Corrected misspelling of “Hjaalmarch”.

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